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  1. I'm looking for a video I saw once. It was an indoor reserve pilot chute drop test possibly performed by a school or the manufacturers themselves. I'd like to have a copy if anyone can help.
  2. I'm looking for a raw edge single fold right angle binder for a LH-512 Juki double needle. I cant seem to find one and wonder if its a custom fit. If so; where can I get parts or a complete setup? Thanks
  3. Order direct from a manufacturer such as UPT
  4. That's nice! Wish mine would do that. What's your loading? I'm loading 2.7 and wondering if that may have something to do with it.
  5. They definitely lighten quickly. 25 jumps on mine and seeing the standard vectran color showing through. Appears to be a coating such as the blue UV coating on the UPT bungee reserve Spectra material.
  6. Squeezed my risers together today and it worked perfectly. Got the slider on the first drop down and I feel it would have stayed if I didn't. Definitely the right procedure to quickly and accurately grab the standard slider on the VK.
  7. Thanks for the tip
  8. What has worked best for the bouncing VK slider? Mine moves 1-2 ft and timing it is a pain. Only a few jumps on it and haven't yet found an input that helps grab it quickly
  9. The Cookie flysight mount has been working well for me. As far away from the GoPro as possible because it can interfere with GPS signals.
  10. 1st jump VK 75
  11. Any new pics our there? For those of you who have had one for a while how are they holding up?
  12. Thanks for your response. I haven't looked into if its programmable but that's something to look at. I have always based my flights off of density altitude but recently started using GPS and found that the data makes a huge difference. If anyone finds a use for the Pressure Altitude numbers I'd be interested to hear it.
  13. Has anyone found a usage for the QNE info on the N3? I have been reading on relationships between the different readings and wonder if it is something that is more/less valuable than density altitude or should be used in conjunction with. Is there a relationship between the two that is useful for hp landings? The mechanics of swooping post was very informative and hopefully this one will be too. Any info to clarify this would be appreciated.
  14. Interesting article. Some gems in there about the drag coefficients and greater speed thru the logarithmic path.