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  1. I think the PD and the NZ use different kind of ZP today (maybe newer?). I am not trying to say that the fabric they use are inferior to other fabrics. But I have noticed that their ZP, in at least some of their canopies, are different from the ZP I remember as ZP. I don’t think the differences come from batch variations. and your findings of lack of longevity are interesting. I think of “ZP” fabric, in general, to be plasticky; crunchy; and slippery, because ZP canopies that I have owned previously were plasticky; crunchy; and slippery. So maybe I should say I used to think of ZP that way, till recently. My buddy’s JVX (DOM 2010); his Leia (DOM 2015); a JVX I briefly owned (DOM 2011); my VK and other buddies VKs (DOM 2015-16) all have/had softer feel to them. Felt thinner. The ZP fabric used in them are not the ZP with plasticky; crunchy; and slippery feel. I don’t own most of my ZP canopies anymore, but I still have a katana (DOM 2003) and a stiletto (DOM 96). These canopies have plasticky; crunchy; and slippery feel compared with my VK (sold recently). At least I have had these fabrics side by side for comparison. So my observation on the differences in ZP in some canopies vs others, I can say, is not based on a conspiracy theory. I also own a helix (DOM: 2016). It has plasticky; crunchy; and slippery ZP on top and bottom skin. The ZP on my helix is definitely different from the ZP in my VK. Similar to the differences between F1-11 and low-bulk fabric. I also noticed lots of permanent creases/markings on my plasticky; crunchy; and slippery katana (from being folded and compressed). But I did not see that on my VK. So maybe softer fabric at least has that benefit.
  2. Just for clarification purpose : You are talking about “ZP” fabric in your post, right? Since you are comparing the fabric to Pilot and Sirocco. edit: Alexg3265 , I think skow and TommyBotten are talking about ZP. Not sail.
  3. any updates on mono track? a teaser?
  4. one thing i thought was interesting about leia is that c4 and d3 are cascaded (grouped together). i have never seen this on sports canopies. maybe i am wrong. compared to vk, leia is made more ruggerd, i think. not that the ruggedness is necessary. for e.g.: it is very heavy duty at the tip of the inflatable wing tip. unlike vk, the tip has additinal strip of light weight nylon tape (material for the premeter of sliders). slider stoppers are actually sawn inside of this strip of wingtip reinforcement.
  5. my 84 loaded at 2.2 does the same. yes annoying. the stainless steel grommets hit my thumb and index finger at joints. hurts. my velo 79 did the same thing. i used to put fishing weights sawn in my slider (front and back). that helped. but after the slider lost crunchiness, the bouncing stopped.
  6. Thanks guys. My buddy's VK shows the same thing. I guess it is normal. Yeah. Some parts, it is like regular color.
  7. hey, valkyrie/peregrine owners. just curious, is your orange vectran still orange? i got my valkyrie recently and l put about 20-25 jumps. basically from jump one, orange started fading. mostly near risers/cascade/canopy, where finger trapping bulk up the lines. just wanted ask here before asking pd
  8. I have seen other endless swoops (type: “speedrun redbull” in google video), like the swoops hang gliders do. But this is way cooler. I think it’s even way cooler than para-motor swoops ( Because this does not require artificial power. I am not trying to take any credit, but I thought about the “rail slide” while swooping before. The Ozone seems to make that easier. Is that you in the video? If so: Can speed flying/riding wings be lunched on a flat field? Like in the way paragliders and hang gliders do? I have seen them launch themselves up to a few hundred feet in the air by this homemade pulley system powered by golf curt engine. If that’s possible that would be cool. Anywhere with obstacles can be swoop parks. If that’s not you. Thanks for sharing the video. I had no idea you could do this in speed flying/riding.
  9. Dude. that is sick. I love swooping, but this makes skydiving swooping looks stupid.
  10. Haha. You know Cliff? Yeah… Yes, he was/is a big guy. 6’3” and 265-270 at the time. Not fat. He always told me his weight exceeded Mirage’s maximum weight limit.
  11. shogo

    The masai

    thanks for the update.
  12. shogo

    The masai

    did tony ever comment on the zipper? i have a filled out order form but just thinking...
  13. shogo

    The masai

    Cruise does seem like a good suit also. Not sure if the video below shows the newer Cruise with the booties. Cruise also seem like freefly BASE friendly. (Cruise) (Masai)