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  1. skydivex3m

    Top 5 Tandem Scams

    Probably the one listed in his profile.. Sounds about right..
  2. skydivex3m

    Reserve pack intervals

    Awesome! Both Croatia, Switzerland and Germany! For tandems right?
  3. skydivex3m

    Reserve pack intervals

    Just looking to see if any countries have a longer than 120-180 days repacking interval for tandem reserves?
  4. skydivex3m

    wind limits for tandem skydiving

    We do tandem up to the legal limit in Denmark (21knt) But if the wind is out of the south, we see quite a bit of turbulence due to a forrest. If the wind is between 140-230 degrees we cut at 15 knt.
  5. skydivex3m

    solo jump requirement

    Is there anywhere in the world, where you will need a minimum number of solo freefall jumps to keep your tandem rating?
  6. skydivex3m

    world record for highest tandem jump?

    Can anyone tell me what the world record for highest tandem jump is a the moment? I know 33.000 feet was a world record at a point. (Made in Denmark by Q-skydiving center)
  7. skydivex3m

    Dropzone Denmark

    If you are looking for a place to Skydive in Denmark, look no further. Build from the place up, this is a brand new skydiving centre. Best plane in the country, biggest pond in Europe (Home of the Swoop Challenge) and most safe, secure and professionel place to skydive in Denmark.
  8. skydivex3m

    JOJO wings- anyone with experience?

    JOJO wing has a new mid range canopy out, called the "Sonic". Its not on their website yet. I have sold a few of them, and had good response. They also make the Raptor. Comparable to Icarus crossfire in terms of response and trim.
  9. skydivex3m

    Performance Designs risers?

    the risers on the demo canopies in europe is made by Velocity Sports Equipment I think. the company behind the Infinity H/C. I dont know if they use the same ones in the states.. but if you are looking to get a new set of risers you might want to have a look at the new louie loop risers from UPT... lokk pretty cool to me
  10. skydivex3m


    I have the same problem.. tried to contact Rosi on her old mail address. ( when she did not answer i tried the mail system on their web page, but no response..