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  1. As the subject says, I am looking for a place to jump close to San Fransico that I can bring a couple tandems to as well as fun jump. I would love to hit up a balloon but not sure where to find one that I could also fun jump at once the balloon jump is done. So, where's the best place to go?
  2. cjsgrlsx3

    Funny Skydiving Nicknames

    A few years ago a guy on his CAT A has a cutaway over the Peanut Festival in VA. The main landed behind the tents and police surrounded it stating there was a "body" under the canopy. After convincing them that the skydiver landed safely under his reserve canopy back at the dz they sent the news crew over to interview him.....his nickname...Peanut!
  3. cjsgrlsx3

    Hello from INDY

    Welcome to the world of skydiving! Nice little DZ, I did a few jumps at Jerry's Skydiving Circus a few years back!
  4. cjsgrlsx3

    Training Gap-related questions

    Definitely do some jumps in Suffolk. I am a regular there and have been for 8 years! The staff is fantastic and very willing to train you in between your trips to Florida. You're pretty lucky that you get to travel to Florida for jumping during the winter! Have fun and hope to see you around!
  5. cjsgrlsx3

    New guy here in Virginia

    I am also a Suffolk jumper......see you around sometime!
  6. cjsgrlsx3

    New guy here in Virginia

    I am also a Virginia jumper! This sport is like nothing else! What dz are you planning on doing your first jump?
  7. cjsgrlsx3

    Stolen Gear - What would you do?

    Off topic......but Jerry's Skydiving Circus is a blast! I did not aim for the pea pit!
  8. cjsgrlsx3

    New jumper in NC

    Welcome to the sport! I have done a few jumps in Raeford and love it there! Have fun and Blue Skies!
  9. cjsgrlsx3

    How to disarm the doomsayers?

    I do have an issue with sitting on the couch all day long watching the world spin! You can hound them about that! But, seriously, it won't last forever. I got some slack because I started when my kids were young. Most of my "friends" I had before I started jumping are not "friends" anymore. My real friends, out of respect for them, talk about other stuff! It works out in the end!
  10. cjsgrlsx3

    Balloon jumps

    http://www.balloonskydive.com/ Try this site! Looks like they are operating there and seem to have jumps scheduled every weekend. Enjoy! My one and only balloon jump was in CA!
  11. cjsgrlsx3

    New to the sport and site

    Welcome to the forums and this amazing sport! I see you jump at Blue Ridge......been thinking about making a visit there sometime this fall!
  12. cjsgrlsx3

    Post your best AFF picture

    Just a coach with a GoPro on! Enjoy!
  13. cjsgrlsx3

    First IAD grad at Skydive Monroe, GA

    You picked a great place to jump! Skydive Monroe ROCKS! Congrats and continue to jump safely!
  14. cjsgrlsx3

    Star Crest Awards

    http://shop.wscr.org Is this what you are looking for? Skydive Suffolk just had a group of ladies earn theirs this weekend!
  15. cjsgrlsx3

    New DZ for completion of AFF or no?

    There is no reason that you should NOT go to another dz. I encourage students to jump with different people......different instructors teach things differently. Most people would be happy to have a dz open on the weekdays and a closer one on the weekends! Where are you located?