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  1. cjsgrlsx3

    Hello from INDY

    Welcome to the world of skydiving! Nice little DZ, I did a few jumps at Jerry's Skydiving Circus a few years back!
  2. cjsgrlsx3

    First IAD grad at Skydive Monroe, GA

    You picked a great place to jump! Skydive Monroe ROCKS! Congrats and continue to jump safely!
  3. cjsgrlsx3

    Star Crest Awards

    http://shop.wscr.org Is this what you are looking for? Skydive Suffolk just had a group of ladies earn theirs this weekend!
  4. I couldn't agree with you more!
  5. cjsgrlsx3

    New to your skies in Eastern PA...

    Welcome to the forum and to the sky! The weather is warming up and it is almost time for some weekly skydiving!
  6. cjsgrlsx3

    Greetings from Georgia

    Georgia is a beautiful place to jump! I have jumped at a few there! Welcome to the sky! Where are you doing your training?
  7. cjsgrlsx3

    Hello from Northwest, Ohio!

    Welcome to the sky! Smile, have fun, and listen to your instructors! This is an amazing sport!
  8. cjsgrlsx3

    Awesome Forum

    Welcome! I see in another post you jump in Va! Which dz did you get your license? I jump at Skydive Suffolk.
  9. cjsgrlsx3

    Newbie in Va

    VSC ROCKS! Welcome to this amazing sport and enjoy!
  10. cjsgrlsx3

    north carolina newbs?

    Welcome to the sport! Did you get your license at Raeford?
  11. cjsgrlsx3

    I'm new

    Congrats on completing your first solo! Welcome to the sky!
  12. cjsgrlsx3

    Skydive Coastal Carolinas

    As a newly C licensed skydiver I just had to jump the beach! So I sent a few pushy emails to this dropzone and headed down with four jumpers and two observers! After 5 hours of driving we showed up not knowing a soul! We were immediately greeted with smiles and open arms. We were given a place to sleep, plenty of space on the plane, and invited to dinner! The jumps were fantastic, the staff was great, and I can not say enough about the hospitality! Nice, open landing area! And the beach jumps.....AMAZING! Do not pass up this dz! This is one we will visit again but this time bring the camper and stay a week!
  13. cjsgrlsx3

    Jerry's Sky Circus Explore Freefall

    I was traveling to Indiana to visit my brother and decided to make a stop here. I am so glad I did! The people there were great. I am used to jumping a PAC but it was a lot of fun to jump the 182. The scenery is beautiful, the facilities are clean and easy to get to, the landing area is very well maintained. I may make a trip there and stop in to see my brother!
  14. cjsgrlsx3

    Julia Bond

    My thoughts are with you and Julia's family today. Blue Skies!
  15. cjsgrlsx3

    new jumper for marietta ga

    You will have a blast! What DZ are you going to? Which method are doing (tandem, Aff)? I have family in Loganville. I have been to a few DZs there! Have fun and stay safe!