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  1. Yep! It'd certainly be worth your time. The view is spectacular out there and there's a great group of people. I imagine it would only be better in the fall with the leaves changing.
  2. No; I believe I have 4 more jumps that are with instructor assistance. Several more after that to meet the other quals for an A license, though. Yeah I'm 26 and just getting into it now. I suppose it is not all that late; however there's a solid 8 years I could have been enjoying the sport that I missed out on. A little more about myself if anyone is interested: I did a 3 year tour in active duty Army as an Infantry guy, take fitness and nutrition very seriously, run in several mud obstacle courses (tough mudder, spartan race, etc) per year, love pretty much anything outdoors, and have a 3 year old 100lbs malamute as a partner in crime for as much of it as she's able to go to.
  3. Greetings everyone! I have wanted to get into the sport since as far back as I can remember but hadn't really had the chance. After getting divorced and no longer having to answer to anyone I went on a tandem jump with a few friends. As I had suspected I was hooked instantly and signed up for the AFF course the following weekend. I completed my Cat A jump last weekend and am extremely enthusiastic about continuing to learn the ins and outs / safety procedures of the sport. I hope through all the instruction at my school as well as advice and tips I find on this site to go on many, many more jumps and possibly make some new friends along the way. I believe that there is never a point in which we have learned everything and there is always room for improvement. So I fully welcome any constructive criticism at any point; while working on my license, after I am licensed, and after I've completed thousands of jumps. At any rate I am thrilled to be joining a community of highly talented and knowledgable veterans of the sport.
  4. I recently completed my first jump AFF course with Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures. I cannot recommend these guys enough. From the moment I arrived at their facility the staff were nothing but welcoming and curteous. They were able to answer all my questions and alleviate the inherent nervous feelings associated with my first solo jump. Aside from the top notch training the overall vibe or atmosphere of the facility was excellent. The other jumpers that were further along in the program, or already licensed, were all more than willing to discuss their experiences with you. I truly look forward to continuing my training with these guys and to potentially build friendships with everyone for some fun dives later on. Whether you are looking just for a fun tandem jump, or to learn the skill for yourself I highly recommend coming out and meeting these guys.