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  1. kmills0705

    Another FNG

    Hey! If I catch you getting advice on I will kick your ass! Welcome! Missed you this weekend too. I was sick Friday and Saturday and then did some tandems in Etown on Sunday. See you this weekend?
  2. kmills0705

    Skydive Kentucky - Elizabethtown

    I traveled 2 1/2 hours to come to this drop zone. As an experienced skydiver it is easy to be critical of other drop zones. But after visiting Skydive Kentucky I found an amazing little drop zone that I now refer to as my second home dz. The first time I visited I was welcomed by Jim and Tammy who immediately showed me their facilities, how the operations ran and their aircraft. As an instructor I was impressed with the organization of their student programs, the amount of time the staff spent with their students and the knowledge of their instructors. If you are a student looking for a quality drop zone to begin your skydiving career, then you should look no further than Skydive Kentucky. If you are an experienced skydiver, then you should definitely find time to check out this amazing drop zone. You will not be disappointed!
  3. kmills0705

    Keeping IAD current

    Most who get their IAD ratings do so with the intention of working at a Cessna drop zone that offers the IAD progression program. I have my static line rating and never did the IAD rating for the simple fact that I would not get in the minimum number of IAD jumps required to maintain. Our dropzone is a small C182 dz (though we have 3 C182's) and we just started offering AFF this season. I imagine that we will start seeing less and less static line students. I will always think static line progression is a great program (though personally prefer doing AFF Instructor jumps) that serves as an option for those who don't want the accelerated version of skydiving. The two larger turbine dz's in the area do not offer static line. I personally don't think turbines and static lines are a good mix... just from personal experience.
  4. There is a DZ review section here:
  5. kmills0705

    "Grim Rigger" - Blue Skies Magazine

    Hey, I don't believe I received a Jan or February issue of Blue Skies... everyone else getting theirs?!
  6. kmills0705

    Explore Free Fall

    Explore Freefall in Franklin Indiana is exactly what a drop zone should be. Those who are new to the sport may not appreciate the "old time" vibe this drop zone has. It is the vibe drop zones had before the days of turbines and tandem factory type drop zones where the ultimate goal was great times both in the air and on the ground. The people here don't want you to do a tandem and send you on your way. They want to share their extreme passion, love and enthusiasm for the sport of skydiving. The goal is to educate, teach and instill the love of this sport into future generations. What will you get here that you won't at a larger drop zone? Student jumpers will get personal attention without the "hurry up and jump" attitude. Experienced jumpers will get on load after load after load all day long with 3 airplanes flying from sun up to sun down. Everyone will experience a sense of family when the sun goes down and the beer light comes on. Explore Freefall is the drop zone everyone needs to come and experience!
  7. kmills0705

    AFF level 3 help

    Hey Cobra, Welcome to AFF and to skydiving. First I think it would help if we know where you were located. Country/DZ, etc. I am guessing you are from Europe somewhere but that is just what I am getting from your post and could be completely wrong. I have a couple words of advice. Please don't come to or the internet to learn to skydive. Learn from the instructors you have available to you at your dz. Be prepared. You are about to get advice from all kinds of people. Some will be appropriate and good, and some will not be. You will have people of all levels replying to your post. All these things will be going through your head on your next AFF jump. I would rather see you go in with a clear mind and the advice from your instructors. Drop zones should have an approved list of books, materials from which you can learn from. unfortunately should not be one of them. That is what I have to offer you. I think I would be doing you a disservice without fully knowing the problems through discussion with your instructors or videos of your jumps. Keep with it. You will get it. Category C is a really big transition jump.
  8. Yes, I absolutely agree with this. Once upon a time when USPA had the Jumpmaster/Instructor rating system you had to have had your JM for one year prior to getting your I rating. Now there is no time requirement between getting a Coach rating and then and Instructor rating. I think there is value in having time in the sport along with jump numbers.
  9. Why? What's the rush to get in 200 jumps?
  10. kmills0705

    Just me

  11. kmills0705


  12. kmills0705