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  1. Anyone out there have a ticket to the Invasion boogie at Skydive Sebastian and can no longer go? I would love to buy it from you!
  2. I'm not sure what Joel will do. It's really his decision. It's a shame because those ol' days were really the best ever. Kim Mills USPA D21696 Tandem I, AFF I and Static Line I
  3. I'm not sure if he filed a police report. He may have. I just happened to be the one who saw the canopy listed for sale and sent it to him (we have a good relationship and get along well). This is his deal so I'm not sure what he will do. He did say he has contacted the police. We both feel the current owner didn't know it was stolen gear. We are both fortunate in that it isn't about the money. It's more about being able to prove previous suspicions. I currently jump at Jerry's Skydiving Circus (also known as Explore Freefall) in Franklin Indiana. Dick Money (yes his real name and the best dzo name ever!) is one if the best, most honest sincere men I know. To get my turbine fix I always head over to Start Skydiving in Ohio which is the best turbine dz around. Unfortunately it is 3 hours from me. :( Kim Mills USPA D21696 Tandem I, AFF I and Static Line I
  4. Everyone who knows me on here has always asked why I am a tandem instructor at a small 182 dz. This is the reason why. They are the only turbine dz in my state (Indiana). Everyone who knows the dzo knows he is shady. To me skydiving is not about the turbine. It's about the people and my dz has the best dzo, instructors, fun jumpers and students in the world. Kim Mills USPA D21696 Tandem I, AFF I and Static Line I
  5. How much do you and your friend charge! :) Kim Mills USPA D21696 Tandem I, AFF I and Static Line I
  6. So here was the extent of the "shadiness" from the dzo early on in our skydiving careers (and before my ex and I even dated). My ex bought a brand new Triathlon through the dzo as a dealer. He put maybe 5 jumps on it and had a center cell blow out on a jump and went he to reserve. He is a big guy and has a pretty decent wing loading. He asked the dzo what Aerodyne would do (replace the canopy, repair it, etc.) The dzo said my ex was SOL and Aerodyne wasn't replacing or fixing. We were both fairly new jumpers at the time and he didn't know any better. After a couple weeks and the situation not sitting well with him he called Aerodyne himself to express his dissatisfaction in their customer service. Aerodyne immediately resonded with "What are you talking about? We shipped a brand new canopy at no cost to your dzo to replace yours two weeks ago" Well the dzo made some bs excuse and ended up giving the ex the canopy Aerodyne had shipped (which by the way was already in the dzo's own personal rig). Needless to say I don't jump (or work there anymore). But that is why we think the dzo sold it and just said "I don't know where it went". Kim Mills USPA D21696 Tandem I, AFF I and Static Line I
  7. Thanks guys. I think you guys generally feel how I feel and the canopy at this point isn't worth a lot. It was a Diablo... I know. Enough said. I think it is more the principle of it all. I asked my ex what his ultimate goal was. He said he just wants to know who stole it (was it the dzo?) and they should pay... but tracking a canopy back that long may prove to be difficult. He is in contact with the current owner and said he was going to explain the situation and ask for the history. Will keep you all posted. Kim Mills USPA D21696 Tandem I, AFF I and Static Line I
  8. Hey folks, it's been a while since I posted. But I need your thoughts. Many many years ago my ex-husband's canopy "dissappeared" from our local dz after spending the winter in the rigging loft. Yes he shouldn't have left it there for such a long period of time, but this was our home dz and felt it was secure. The canopy has been listed on as stolen (serial number listed) since 2008. Yes a very long time. Fast forward to this week. I saw a canopy that looked like his listed for sale in the classifieds. I send him a picture. He asks the seller for a picture of the data panel and sure enough it is his stolen canopy. Where does he go from here? I am sure this canopy has changed hands since it was stolen. So the chance this person knows it is stolen or actual stole it is slim to none. We are pretty sure the dzo (who is very shady) sold it (unknowingly to my ex) in the first place. But we don't know for sure. So here are my questions: 1. If you are buying gear is it your responsibility to check the stolen gear database on I know I always do. 2. If you are selling gear would you check to make sure you are not sellign stolen gear? 3. What are the next steps? I feel this guy should know it is stolen. I personally wouldn't want to jump stolen gear. Karma is too much of a bitch. Karma is a bitch even if you were unaware of the circumstances... just how she works. Kim Mills USPA D21696 Tandem I, AFF I and Static Line I
  9. Any time John!!! But the question is would you give up control?! Kim Mills USPA D21696 Tandem I, AFF I and Static Line I
  10. Does the DZ or one in the area offer Static line or IAD (Instructor Assisted Deployment) as a means of learning? It is a little slower paced than AFF and you don't have to worry about the free fall/ deploying for yourself part right off the bat. You may want to check it out. I generally recommend the option if someone is not ready for the multi-tasking of AFF or needs to learn in smaller chunks. Oh and our dz still does static line as well as was suggestion in this post... and yes I am a static line instructor as well. :) Kim Mills USPA D21696 Tandem I, AFF I and Static Line I
  11. Jessica, I clicked to see where you were located and you are in my neck of the woods. I am a female tandem instructor out of Franklin, Indiana. I have taken several people on multiple tandems because they request me and feel comfortable with me. I work in a small Cessna dropzone where we spend a lot of one on one time with our students. We completely welcome questions and offer you all of our time. We can't compete with big dz's with turbines, but we will always take all the time in the world with our students. I am also an AFF instructor which also provides a smooth transition. Let's get together sometime this winter for drinks - would love to have another female who is passionate about our sport. Kim Mills USPA D21696 Tandem I, AFF I and Static Line I
  12. You say that like it is a bad thing! I happen to like Meat Markets! Kim Mills USPA D21696 Tandem I, AFF I and Static Line I
  13. Yep you did and I am loving it. Just did crossover training so now I am both Strong and Sigma rated. :) Kim Mills USPA D21696 Tandem I, AFF I and Static Line I
  14. Because someone told me I couldn't! I never find it boring. I don't do it for the cash (yeah $30-$35 is so worth the risk...) Sharing the thrill of this sport I love so much with others. I take the trust the students have in me seriously. My tandem jumps excite me as much as they scare me. Kim Mills USPA D21696 Tandem I, AFF I and Static Line I
  15. Maybe I need a new poll since I have not booked the cruise yet. I started a new job in November and have been engulfed in work. Having just started this new job I couldn't take vaca right away.... also explains why I haven't been online lately! :) Kim Mills USPA D21696 Tandem I, AFF I and Static Line I