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  1. Suffolk is the DZ, hope to see you all in the sky soon!
  2. New to the board and getting introduced to skydiving. I'm a big active guy (military), I was 272# in June and now at 256# thanks to my doctor and specialist. This wasn't even a possibility for me a month ago as I couldn't lose weight. Now that the problem is figured out after years, and I'm on my way to losing the weight to jump at 230#. I can't wait to jump for my first time tandem and I am sure AFF will follow. I have been reading as much information as I can from USPA SIM and this site. There is lots of knowledge to learn. Credit for the drive to meet this goal goes to a friend after seeing the amazing pics of free fall taken from her and her boyfriends cameras. Unreal and looks like a rush. I hope she is able to go on my first jump it would be awesome!