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  1. Probably the one listed in his profile.. Sounds about right..
  2. Awesome! Both Croatia, Switzerland and Germany! For tandems right?
  3. Just looking to see if any countries have a longer than 120-180 days repacking interval for tandem reserves?
  4. We do tandem up to the legal limit in Denmark (21knt) But if the wind is out of the south, we see quite a bit of turbulence due to a forrest. If the wind is between 140-230 degrees we cut at 15 knt.
  5. Is there anywhere in the world, where you will need a minimum number of solo freefall jumps to keep your tandem rating?
  6. Can anyone tell me what the world record for highest tandem jump is a the moment? I know 33.000 feet was a world record at a point. (Made in Denmark by Q-skydiving center)
  7. Jeno Herzinger (Ugene) NZ Uros Sumar (NZ)
  8. Hey dz.commers.. My dropzone is in the final round to be awarded "best sport/action experience of 2015" in Denmark, and we could really use your vote. Although the website is in danish, its easy. Go to Scroll down and locate the box on the left site of the page called "Sport/action" and click "Faldskærmsudspring" "Udbudt af Dropzone Denmark" then scroll down and click on the long red buttom that says "Stem og vind oplevelsespræmier for 50.000 kr" If we win, skydiving will get promotion and exposure never seen before in our country, and will help the sport a lot. Thanks for helping :) Good karma is on its way!
  9. If you are looking for a place to Skydive in Denmark, look no further. Build from the place up, this is a brand new skydiving centre. Best plane in the country, biggest pond in Europe (Home of the Swoop Challenge) and most safe, secure and professionel place to skydive in Denmark.
  10. Hello swoopers! Hope its okay to do a little shameless advertising, that will do all European swoopers good :) Dropzone Denmark just opened up a new swoop pond right in the heart of Denmark. Its the biggest pond in Europe measuring 90 x 30 meters, and was the pond used for the training and qualifying rounds of Swoop Challenge with great success. We have full accomodation including bunk house, restaurant and bar on site. 5000 ft. jumps are 13 EUR. Look us up on fb ( for more info, or shoot me an email for more info and help. kim (at)
  11. I started my own dropzone in Denmark, and Im working on a program for water training. Is there any material out there, that I might have a look at? Blue ones Kim Bo Larsen
  12. I am looking for a USPA or BPA examiner for early May, to come to a dropzone in Denmark and do a course for a few people. Anyone know anyone travelling around in Europe?
  13. Anyone know if these are still made somewhere? My brother is looking to pimp up his two Bernese with 3 ring dog collars...
  14. I use L & B SoloII, OptimaII and Quattro. -The SoloII gives you a basic dytter, with 3 freefall alarms. -The OptimaII gives you 3 freefall alarms and 3 canopy alarms that works as a guide for your landing pattern, and your swoop setup when (if) you wanna get into that some day. You can also set things like volume, and it has the option of setting up different altitudes for different jumps, save them, and easily select on the way to altitude. - The Quattro is basically the OptimaII with an extra free fall alarm. All these dieters turn on automatically when the plane starts climbing on your first load of the day. Hands down best products and by far the best customer service in the industry!
  15. Nigel99, I sent you a PM :)