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  1. Yo trunk, What about trying to crowd fund it? If the market is there they will buy, If it isnt they wont (we wont) Its kind of a hard one as people arnt buying these cameras as there is no switch, and theres no switch cause theyre not buying these cameras. But the top end use them still, and people who use em would love a switch...might be worth poping a kickstarter campain with moderate goals to make a simple(ish) switch and see how it gets on?
  2. From experiance the screw wont be enough. You should either buy or manufacture an L bracket to stop it rotating.
  3. Spaceland would be awesome but being brits we cant stay in the states for a whole year and take full advantage :(
  4. Hey. So I'm looking at doing a season in the states with a propass (2016) Wondering if CSC is the only place that does it (one price and jump your ass off for the entire season)? And wondering if anyone here has done a pro pass season and can share their experience with it? Cheers!
  5. is that the stock lens? can you explain the biteswitch part? how did you make it? did it involve soldering?
  6. I know of some Icarus sponsored athletes that were told to get PDR/OP's over nano's by the company.(by NZ) Make of that what you will.
  7. i was looking at that one and its cheaper brother (a500 I think) what lens and what switch do you use with it? :)
  8. Hey guys, Im looking at getting a mirorless camera for my set up. Which of the current stock of camera do you know for sure can take a bite/bow/tongue switch. If you have any experience with a particular make and model and willing to share the info that would be great. Trying to figure out whats out there and make up a budget (really depends on if i can use the stock lens or need to buy a second lens. ) cheers for any info shared!
  9. Never heard of an atom Axis, Is it made by PDF? probably best bet is to mail the manufacturer.
  10. securing the slider with a skyties doesn't substantially improve handling over just putting the slider down, its more to aid with the nuisance factor of the slider creeping back up. All canopies would benefit from bringing the slider down together with opening the chest strap as it allows the canopy to 'open up'. The smaller and more aggressive the canopy (and the more aggressive the maneuver) the more this change will be noticeable. Unless you load that Sabre 2 quite high it wont make a huge difference but as it allow you to have better visuals around you and will still have an affect, however small, there's no real reason not to as long as you open high enough and clear of traffic to have the time to mess around with it and are competent and safe enough under canopy to be able to incorporate it into your post opening procedure. In any way talking to an experienced person on your home DZ like the CCI, who knows you and your flying, is never a bad idea. Hope that helps :)
  11. No 'cutaway' that will leave the liner intact will ever be safe enough as it could keep the helmet on your head even if the strap is clean off. My friend designed a system by which the visor screws on both sides have been replaced by cutaway bolts (button cutaway's) connecting to one teflon cable. the go pro is then mounted on the visor directly (ali bracket) and if need be he pull the cable and the whole visor and camera go flying off. the other option is to do a cutaway on the mount like people have done for the G3 where the helmet stays in place but the go pro is only connected by the cutaway bolt and the camera itself gets cutaway. though on a Z1 that would prevent you from lifting the visor all the way up. If you need any more info let me know. RoyQuote
  12. Lots of people jump em out in the UK (where they came from) really nice helmets and versatile.
  13. I tried it and it has -more- but not nearly as much as a Phantom X and especially not as much as a G3. Try it with the pair of specs you wanna wear. no other way really
  14. by absolutely no mean an expert. but it sound like what you want is a crossfire. the are supposed to have a lovely opening and will have the performance and there shorter (ish) recovery arc your'e used to from your stiletto. if im wrong on this please correct me cheers
  15. If you do go for the benny personal suggestion would be to spend the few extra $$ and go for the fabric rather than foam liner. nicer, room for audiables and will hold its value better. my 2c