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  1. Coreece

    OLD SCHOOL HELP! Sony PC100 to PC via USB

    I think the main issue is that he doesn't have access to a firewire card, so RCA is really the only option unless he sends the footage out to be converted. There's always some quality loss when using analog RCA cables, but the loss would be negligible, especially since it's standard definition footage anyway. The compression settings of the digital format you're converting to will play a more important role when it comes to quality. That's true when converting from a digital source as well. My concern would be that the VIDEO to SD device I linked above compresses 1 hour of footage into 500MB. That seems like a lot of compression to me. Not sure what that would look like. I believe the older model VIDEO to PC that connected to your computer via USB allowed you to manually set the compression rate if you needed to.
  2. Coreece

    OLD SCHOOL HELP! Sony PC100 to PC via USB

    As long as your camera has RCA outputs, which it should, you can get a converter that will record directly to an SD card like the one linked below:  A long while back I bought an older version of this product that would covert the video via USB to your computer, but I'm not sure if you can find it as it seems to have been discontinued. Personally, I think the conversion to SD in the newer model would be more convenient anyway. 
  3. Coreece

    OLD SCHOOL HELP! Sony PC100 to PC via USB

    Deleted - Replied to the wrong poster.
  4. Coreece

    Canon 60d video

    Would you say it is the same as the 7d in terms of video capability? also, what frame rate did you use? 25?
  5. Coreece


    and head trips... That's kinda like what Speakers Corner is...Good Luck!
  6. Coreece

    MPEG2 vs DV output format

    Sometimes mpeg is better, sometimes DV is better...They have different applications. What are you trying to do?
  7. Coreece

    Double-layer DVD format

    The quality of a dual layer dvd is generally not better or worse than a single layer just allows you to add more footage at optimal bit rates. For example, if I had 1 hour of footage, I could render that at 7Mb and fit it onto a single layer, but if I had 2 hours and rendered at 7mb it would not fit ...I would either have to use a dual layer or reduce the bit rate so that it'll fit on a single layer thus limiting the quality. There is no reason to burn a dual layer dvd for a typical tandem video because they're generally short videos that can be rendered at optimal bit rates and still fit on a single layer. no It doesn't
  8. I think I'm done with itunes...but thanks for the tip, I'll keep that it mind for the current itune files I have. I've just changed to rhapsody and love it. The interface is a little different but is easy to figure out. You can listen to songs in their entirety before purchasing the mp3 that doesn't have to be converted before editing. There is a fee of 13 of 15 bucks a month depending on the plan, but its like you have your own personal library of almost every song....well worth it. There is also a free plan that will allow you to listen to 25 songs per month in their entirety.