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  1. Nice broad brush you're carrying there. Paedophilia will ALWAYS be stigmatized and those who want to destigmatize it (like some conservatives do) will always be in the minority. Like who, and how?
  2. It was a joke, I am sorry it flew over your head, even after given hints. Not quite. In order for that joke to work, it needs to convey an element of truth found in the story ( or elsewhere for that matter) But unfortunately for your comedy career, it doesn't. You just assumed they started a brothel, which they didn't. And I already explained how the story has nothing to do with climate change. All it's really about is how sex workers are leaving the sex trade for legitimate businesses. The story itself ultimately contradicted every imaginary limitation on sex workers it initially posed.
  3. Homosexual sex is not immoral. You're entitled to your opinion, but bilvon wanted to change the subject to christianity, so that's what we were talking about. I mean, if merely objectifying women sexually in our heart (soul, mind, emotion, human will, conscience, etc) is immoral, then that would extend to men as well, let alone physically acting out that sexual objectification. I'm sure you could find a church that will cater to your every vice, but personally I don't really need any help with that. Even laws governing consent are social constructs. If one day the law allowed sexually mature minors of any age to have sex with any man they wanted, I'm sure (in most cases) you'd still find it immoral for an older man to do that, regardless of what the law says, or if people falsely started calling you a pedophobe. And it's already happening. In Colorado a 15 year old girl can have sex with a 25 year old man, and liberal activists are even trying to destigmatize pedophilia, calling for compassion since these individuals are unable to embrace their authentic selves - constrained from living freely. Generally speaking, natural human inhibitions persist, yet as time progresses, society tends to become jaded and constructs ideals to normalize these inhibitions.
  4. Errm, yeah - but if you were engaging in good faith right now the next words in your post would have been "so I could say 'look how stupid this lefty story is". Well it is, right? I felt my initial critique was fair enough. I could go deeper into it, but I'm a bit pressed for time - moving into my new place.
  5. Imagine if someone came up to you and offered to give you all the things Christians loved - self-rejection, guilt and condemning homosexuality - if you'd just talk to him in good faith. Would that work for you? Well it's a climate change thread, but ya I guess we could talk about that - Tho I'd say it's more about self denial than self rejection. Self rejection might be more applicable to transgenderism. Guilt is a natural human emotion that can lead to personal growth if handled in a healthy manner. As for the last one, I wouldn't necessarily just single out homosexual sex as it's a subset of sexual immorality in general.
  6. Or. . .since steelmanning is way too much to ask of this place, maybe someone could just try to engage in good faith. I offered a story with a few of the left's favorite things, (Climate change, Trans People and religious conservatives) but all we get is something about eating giant locusts with sex workers in Thailand, poor people vs white men, and Dekker's irrelevant nonsense about brothels. . .and of course, Trump.
  7. Perhaps read his reply again, and see if you can figure out what rhetorical device he was using there. Like many liberals, I think he feels that brothels are probably a good thing. Doesn't matter tho, he was wrong. The effect was people leaving sex work, which is always a good thing. You can call me the type 3 denier if it makes you feel better.
  8. Turning street prostitution into brothels.... No. The story is about male sex workers deciding to man up and get real jobs. It says they were sick of the shitty rainy season, but I think they were just sick of. . . .sex work. (had to keep it clean) According to Bill, that would make you a Type 3 Denier - Believing that the effects of climate change would be good. I don't see anything wrong with it, but the left can't have that. It would dampen alarmism, complicating efforts to evoke sympathy from the emotionally retarded (college students, Gen Z, etc) and garner their votes. But as I've already explained, this story doesn't really have anything to do with climate change. It's almost like the writer was playing a game of Mad Libs, and decided to use it as the headline.
  9. The story shows how the mere perception of climate change is having a positive effect. While the (slight) overall increase in rain over the last hundred years, combined with recent record rain events may support the idea of climate change, for a sex worker it's just another shitty rainy day working in a rain forest during the rainy season. A couple extra inches here and there isn't going to make much of a difference to their bottom line for the day - it's still going to be a wash either way. The rainy season was always less profitable, but if you attach "climate change" and "Trans" to the problem, you now suddenly get support groups that allow sex workers to realize that they'd much rather just start their own business than eat giant locusts with Joe Weber.
  10. I don't know, It's starting to get serious: "How climate change is hitting vulnerable Indonesian trans sex workers" And no, I don't think it's a parody. . .
  11. I don't think much will come of it. Iran felt the need to display a show of force to save face. Nothing too serious I hope.
  12. Prevalence-induced concept change: answer%2C Harvard researcher Daniel Gilbert says%2C may,reduced%2C humans are inclined to redefine the problem. "We solved the problem! Now let’s unsolve it. . . By several measures, including rates of poverty and violence, progress is an international reality. Why, then, do so many of us believe otherwise? The answer, Harvard researcher Daniel Gilbert says, may lie in “prevalence-induced concept change.” . . .as the prevalence of a problem is reduced, humans are inclined to redefine the problem. As a problem becomes smaller, conceptualizations of the problem expand, which can lead to progress being discounted. “When problems become rare, we count more things as problems. Our studies suggest that when the world gets better, we become harsher critics of it, and this can cause us to mistakenly conclude that it hasn’t actually gotten better at all. that when the “signal” a person is searching for becomes rare, the person naturally responds by broadening his or her definition of the signal—and therefore continues to find it even when it is not there. From low-level perception of color to higher-level judgments of ethics, there is a robust tendency for perceptual and judgmental standards to “creep” when they ought not to.
  13. What I saw was someone talking about "taking care of their own backyard first." That is typically followed by how they're actually doing that. For example, a truck driver might say they're buying an electric semi, but in the past Gowlerk said that would make his job too difficult. And while that is a perfectly reasonable excuse, at least he'd still have a job. Others won't be so lucky and might find themselves out of work, with their own tax dollars subsidizing the competition. So anyway, since Ken The Dinosaur Trucker can't list any examples of his own, he focuses on Brent "The Dinosaur Dad." Don't look at me. At 22 I left a $121k/yr job (adjusted for inflation) for my son's mother. She said she was lonely and afraid when I was gone, but she was also advanced in age (30 years) so we decided I'd become a pioneer as a stay at home dad so she can focus on her career. (and we'd be together everyday) It was the greatest experience of my life and I appreciated every moment of it. (except that one time when she was upset that I didn't have dinner ready, lmao) Just doing my part to narrow the gender wage gap, I guess. Beats bitching about some imaginary misogynistic patriarchy holding women down. A while later, I landed my dream job traveling as a photographer/editor, primarily for the Outdoor channel. As time went by she wanted to move to California to start her own business. I was happy where I was at, but was up for the adventure. Again, just doing my part to narrow the wage gap, I guess. But I suppose I would've had to draw the line somewhere. If my 5yr old son had said he wanted to be a pirate, I doubt I would pluck his eye out, give him a patch and dress him in a silly outfit with a sword. Not that any of that would actually make him a pirate of course. He'd still be just a little boy, but without an eye and dressed in a silly outfit - all because I "respected his independence" so much that I let some shill convince me to abuse him in this way so as not to kill himself.
  14. Absolutely, 100% yes it was. Honestly right, when you said this “oh wait, making a sex tape with an underage minor is perfectly legal?“ did you seriously think people would understand that you actually meant any of what you said above? well if you're asking me to be honest. You'll see that I actually went to edit it because I agree it's a bit confusing, but opted to leave it in and see what happens. I also added a question mark. ; ) I figured someone might rush in to tell me how wrong I was, to which I might reply - "well he wasn't charged for making the sex tape, so how do you know?" And then perhaps we could have a discussion on it, who knows. I also thought it was possible that some might get distracted by the plan parenthood comment and not even notice - which is why I made that comment to Joe. Anyway, my bad. No, much easier to just spit it out. Thanks.