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  1. Coreece


    Ya, we've been through all this before but you probably missed it. Anyway here: I think there were other variations like coerce and other fun ones like EddieSteneti and DirtyChai, probably some others. MotionScribe I think was the only one that was never disclosed or obvious enough. I understand opinions vary depending on what content you choose to focus on. Anyway, I can see that I'm just a distraction here and that people don't really want to be challenged. Sorry Bill, Wendy, I know you guys were trying. I tried too, but I guess this thing whatever it is has run it's course. And yes, I'm aware of my culpability in it all too. Hopefully you guys will rub off on others like you have on me. Enjoy the echo chamber, peace!
  2. Coreece


    You're the one who couldn't get over it, after more than a year! Again: I just thought it was funny how everyone calls brent the troll, but you're the only one here du. . .the only one here that's actually admitted it, lol.
  3. Coreece


    put down the shovel and get over it dude. I just thought it was funny how everyone calls brent the troll, but you're the only one here du. . .the only one here that's actually admitted it, lol.
  4. Coreece


    Than what does "it's so much fun trolling" mean to you, lol.
  5. Oh boy, even the moderators are starting to see it. You guys are in trouble now!
  6. Coreece


    Exactly, you quoted selectively. Nothing wrong with selective quotes if you still convey the original meaning. I quoted the part where you said trolling is fun, and that is EXACTLY what you meant.
  7. Coreece


    Then aren't you doing it again? No, I quoted the part where you said it was so much fun trolling, and you agreed.
  8. Those are all still control issue, none of those actually provide any benefit to a pregnant woman. But then even if they did support things like the prenatal tax credit you'd still say that it's just another roundabout way of legalizing the personhood of the fetus and controlling women that way. Couldn't it be that they don't involve themselves with the census/tax credit issue, because it's the life/death component of abortion that sparks their emotions, not the whole controlling women thing? Are all the pro-life women trying to control women too?
  9. Coreece


    Didn't you spend 5 pages in another tread being all upset about somebody not quoting you directly? 1. It's not about direct quoting. It's about selectively quoting something in a way that completely changes the intended meaning. It's like saying "I like apples and oranges," and then someone selectively quotes "I like apples" and then says "ok, but why do you hate oranges?" 2. Olof already admitted it again, so there is no reason to quote it. 3. The original post was deleted by a moderator. 4. I directly quoted it before it was deleted: There.
  10. You literally just said that - that people who don't realize that abortion is repulsive are too lazy or stupid to educate themselves Nope, literally did not say that. You should try to use words that get your meaning across instead of bluffing. Life is not a card game. fair enough, this was neither the time nor place to introduce bits of sarcasm within a serious response. Can't win em' all. I fold. Good luck with your cause.
  11. This is where your arrogance really shows. You assume that those who disagree with your position are just too lazy and/or stupid to have spent time thinking about it. That's not what I'm saying at all. You actually have it backwards, lol.
  12. I know, that's what I've been saying, but they keep going on about religion and refuse to recognize/address the secular atheists arguments that are being used to ban abortion. Kill two birds with one stone and garner some votes in the process. . .
  13. Why should I when you said it was none of your business? Kallend said it was none of my business, besides it's the secular atheists putting together arguments that are going to ban abortion, not me. Take it up with YOUR ilk, as Kallend likes to put it.
  14. But when I said I could address the content You said you could address the content, but you didn't. To push-back against anti-religious bigots. I thought you guys were at least that perceptive.
  15. I actually thought about deleting the link to the 3 atheists because I knew you'd try to minimize rather than actually address the content. But I said skrew it because I already knew I had you if you decided to play that card.