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  1. Ha, "the old I know you are but what am I" For awhile now I thought you may have been related to Jakee. (been having JackC flashbacks when you post) But you can't be, the Jacks would never be so sloppy.
  2. I'm not, just pointing out how dumb it is, and how dumb you sound repeating it ad nauseam. I mean there is an entire smorgasbord of shit on this guy and this is what you want to waste you time on? Like I said, TDS for real, man.
  3. No the Nazi wings are level. and the Nazi Eagle's feet are different, lol. You guys are losing it.
  4. Putting words in my mouth now? That's desperate. And pathetic. You know you need to use your own words to win arguments right? Then use your own words. I'll ask a third time. What's your point in pointing out the differences in all of the wings, lol?
  5. No, I'm not desperate, because for such a simple question you can't even specify what I was wrong about. Again, what's your point that they're all different? Fine, I agree.
  6. lol, you're so desperate. What's your point, that they're all different? Guess that makes you a trump supporter.
  7. The original twit asked "where have I seen that eagle style standing on a circle." The EGA is an acceptable answer. Neither is it in this one:
  8. ok, so what's wrong about my list? Be specific please. Your biased contrasting of the DT and Nazi logo wings against the USMC logo as if they were more similar.
  9. Nah, the wings on all 3 are different. They all share a resemblance - but the aesthetics of the DT and USMC logos are more pleasing. You're definitely projecting there. Hah, I simply posted a link to logo wtih a rich history going back to the 1800s and the Royal Marines - olofscifi posted a detailed list that he still got wrong, TDS I'm sure.
  10. I'd tail a black woman too if she was in my BMW.
  11. EGA There, now you people are informed. . .
  12. Coreece


    We're planning a day trip to Mackinac Island next week. Will have minimal contact with the locals and don't need the ferry. The great thing about northern MI is that there is plenty of space for people to enjoy it safely without officials encouraging thousands of people to crowd a relatively small beach all at the same time. . . .and then go around infecting all the local establishments and wiping their covid hands all over our watermelons.
  13. Coreece


    Well, the good news is - tomorrow it will be winter again and the tourists will leave. Ha, no such luck this year - upper 80s and 90s for at least the next 2 weeks. Haven't seen that in the 10 years I've been up here. Last year we struggled to hit the upper 70s - it was great!
  14. Coreece


    Well, England seems to have solved the CoVID virus.... I live in a small town in northern michigan and our panel of morons approved the firworks this year 7-0. We get thousands of tourists up here around this time - more than the amount of residents. The campsites were backed up for miles (first come first serve - how dumb was that idea?) All these people typically crowd into a small beach on the lake (about a quarter of the size of the beach pictured above) There is only a small section of one main street with all the businesses (resturants, bars, groceries) The nearest hospital that can handle an influx is an hour away. So much for the benefits of living in a rural area. . .