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    X-Fire 149
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    PD 176
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    Cypres 2

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  1. rwieder

    Easiest Stability Exits

    ARCH, watch the plane fly away, then your on your own. Remember: ARCH fixes everything. And do NOT stick your thumbs on your shoulders.
  2. rwieder

    belly bands

    Have your container retro-fitted with articulating hip rings. I don't know any other way to utilize a belly band. I just had one installed on my Odyssey at Sun Path, it's pretty cool.
  3. rwieder

    RIP Robin Williams

    He was one funny man. I'll never forget "Mork & Mindy" The way he slept in the closet just killed me. And his "Mork calling Orson......Mork calling Orson" I'm signed off now Orson, see ya in the next life!
  4. rwieder

    Bill Grissom

    Although I didn't know your friend Bill, he must have been a great guy. The ash dive was awesome. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. Best Wishes- Richard
  5. rwieder

    Buying a second rig

    Simple answer: Great Idea!
  6. rwieder


    I've got a Pisa Heat Wave 150^2 Semi Elipitical. It's the coolest canopy I've ever flown besides my X-Fire(s)
  7. Most sig llines are satirical. If you want to know something about someone look at their profile. Don't be so doggone lazy. This web site is not now or ever will be tailor made to suit anyone. This means you to. Heck f/ a moment I thought I was going to have to call you a Whambulance. Best- Richard
  8. When you can see the hair on the cows backs, and the frogs on the ground. J/K!
  9. rwieder

    User moderated content.

    That's like letting the fox guard the chicken house. Best- Richard
  10. rwieder

    Spinning Linetwist Recovery Techniques?

    Good stuff Brian. Mods, need to make this a sticky! Best- Richard
  11. rwieder

    Pass Port .jpeg

  12. rwieder

    EL Paso TX Skydiving Recommendations

    Look at the top of this page and see the Dropzones tab, click on it and you can search the whole world.
  13. rwieder

    Peregrine does a 270

    Just when you think you've seen it all
  14. rwieder

    Scam Sellers - Mirage G4

    Meso Do you think the scammers have more than tripled since you guys allowed anyone to post gear in classifieds, other than Premium Members? I just don't remember this being such a problem until anyone on the site, or having access to the site has been allowed to post in classifieds.
  15. rwieder

    SkyDive Dubai in summer yes or no

    By all means. Great vibe, great jump craft, and the view! WOW!