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  1. rwieder

    Gas prices

    I can only relate to actions of the past and compare them to today's world events. KSA is already filling the Iran sanctions reimposed by 45. You really must try and follow economic past behaviours to see what's going to happen next. We have enough natural resources in the USA where we don't need their imports. Why is "Mr. Fake Hair/Mr. compulsive Liar" not imposing sanctions on KSA, Russia? Let the MFKRS choke on their oil and LNG. Energy search and retrieval is ALL I've done for the last 42 years, so I think I'm more informed on the real deal than you are BV. I can guarantee you that Drilling Contractos and Energy Companies will lose interest due to the loss of investors when we have a more than adequate supply of natural resources to support ourselves, let KSA, Russia and the rest of Iran's bootleg oil hit our markets USA producers will have no other choice than to pull their horns in and say to heck with it, again This will lead to a depressed economy and kill our economy AGAIN. Don't let the lessons of 76-80-91-98-2014, you remember that...right? Please wake up and smell the coffee, the bacons on fire, before the cycle repeats itself yet again. VOTE! City Slickers...Hmph. Source: Source: -Richard- "You're Holding The Rope And I'm Taking The Fall"
  2. rwieder

    Gas prices

    You'll get some relief today. OPEC made an irrational decision early this morning to increase exports from the middle east which will decrease oil and gas prices. We don't need their oil, we have our own, Iran is sanctioned and is not allowed to export right at this moment. go to for more information. If things get harsh, we still have full SOR's. -Richard- "You're Holding The Rope And I'm Taking The Fall"
  3. ARCH, watch the plane fly away, then your on your own. Remember: ARCH fixes everything. And do NOT stick your thumbs on your shoulders. -Richard- "You're Holding The Rope And I'm Taking The Fall"
  4. I could give a fu*k. I don't live there, never will. I got your stereotype, you know where it is. Come get it. Did everyone understand that?? -Richard- "You're Holding The Rope And I'm Taking The Fall"
  5. Actually the mind set for carrying a small revolver in an ankle holster is....let's just say you got into a physical altercation, you and the perp fall to the floor and your primary is taken from you, or you can't get to it (It happens) and you find your self fighting for your life, thus the reason for the small backup. No other reason. -Richard- "You're Holding The Rope And I'm Taking The Fall"
  6. Yeah, I reckon not. Never mind it was at a prayer meeting. Edited to add: Maybe, just maybe he hates Christians like so many others here?? -Richard- "You're Holding The Rope And I'm Taking The Fall"
  7. You are flying the UK flag, right? Don't be so concerned about what goes on here in the lower 48 as it doesn't affect your day to day. -Richard- "You're Holding The Rope And I'm Taking The Fall"
  8. Is it your knee-jerk reaction to insult someone right off, or do you think about it for a second? Why the need to feel you should apologize? Hmph... Do I really need to answer this? I get sick and tired of all the whining and crying because of our rights, that others don't have in other states. Our focus should be on the innocent souls that lost their lives during a prayer meeting. Thing is, most of the people here could care less about religion, or the possible existence of a higher power. However, when someone goes in and loses their lives, it's all about "God Bless you" etc...etc... -Richard- "You're Holding The Rope And I'm Taking The Fall"
  9. So I'm clear, Just exactly what is your complaint?? -Richard- "You're Holding The Rope And I'm Taking The Fall"
  10. Counselor: The corpses are not still leaking blood, that's ridiculous. If you dont have the stomach for this kind of situation, go into exile? I was speaking from the past events all the way back to Rodney King. We all know what's happened lately. Their 1st reaction is to loot, burn steal, and the liquor stores and pharmacies are always the 1st to get hit God forbid they burn up the booze and dope. You don't like that, complain to the historic facts, I don't want to hear it. -Richard- "You're Holding The Rope And I'm Taking The Fall"
  11. The teachers in schools, and students on university campuses are allowed open carry, you got a problem with that? If so get over it. Stay in Florida where your prolly the biggest and baddest in the entire state. I hope you never have to be in a situation where you WISHED you had a weapon. God, you bleeding heart liberals kill me. Keep your whining and crying to a minimum....PLEASE. If there would have been someone in that prayer group that had a weapon, and was trained to use it, the cat that shot those people would have never made it out the door, and maybe, just maybe the body count wouldn't have been so high. Reckon? (I already know your response) What do you carry....a friggin sling shot? -Richard- "You're Holding The Rope And I'm Taking The Fall"
  12. It's not for my safety, it's for the well being of the defenseless. It has nothing to do with my safety as I am fearless. Heck, I jump out of planes, just like you. -Richard- "You're Holding The Rope And I'm Taking The Fall"
  13. It's not paranoia at all, it's just cold hard stat facts. FYI, the reason 4 2 is one large cal in a holster .40 cal in the small of my back, and one on my ankle, 38 cal. I have drawn my weapon ONCE over the years. I'm not Wyatt Earp and this isn't Tombstone. There are several entrances in our sanctuary, church office, fellowship hall, etc...No way to cover them all. I'm not the only one who carries in church. We do it for a reason. Ya never know. How ever should the unexpected ever occur, the perp won't be walking away. It is our right to protect our congregation. When our church is full, we have over 1,500 people there. -Richard- "You're Holding The Rope And I'm Taking The Fall"
  14. In Texas, Our new Govenor, Gregg Abbott did just that....Open Carry, not concealed. I carry 2, every where I go, even church, (Concealed) I cannot understand for the life of me why someone in the congregation didn't have a gun. NOW, here we go again with whitey shooting the people of color, riots, looting, you know the rest of the deal. Liquor stores and pharmacies first! -Richard- "You're Holding The Rope And I'm Taking The Fall"
  15. I'll give you this Andy, you are one likeable tenacious individual! "Pound that rock baby!!