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  1. the Beech, yep that was a good thing with only a minor injury to the folks on board; well I see you don't recognize the pic, & like you, who's that in the mirror? :) I've been checking out some of the old pix & so many faces are familiar; the names escape me & I wasn't the one drinking. Thanks to sonofapope the drinking game I used to watch in amusement until I had to clean up some mess was Cardinal Puff. The picture used to be the centerpiece for all of the beer tabs (back when they pulled off).
  2. that's it ahahahhaha Cardinal Puff, ty lg
  3. Who remembers the name of the then infamous drinking game where you guys would have to drink, turn the glass upside down & say a goofy riddle? Who used to meet at the pizza place on the corner of RR Ave. & the highway in Pittsburg after a weekend jump? Who remembers the plane used for all of the big group jumps? Fingers were always crossed it would make it over the hill at the end of the runway... It didn't always make it into the air and it occasionally bumped into the hill. The most serious plane crash was when it was overloaded for a high altitude formation that took the plane out of commission.
  4. The guy I saw this happen to was 'older' then & new to jumping. Skinny with greyish hair. Sported a body cast after he finally went to the hospital.
  5. I remember a Norton. He was a skinny guy & I remember seeing the streamline & everyone shouting cut away & I remember how we were in shock he was alive with a broken back. I also recall that Norton's wife/girlfriend had an accident there also.
  6. Hey Spooky52, I don't do facebook, but if by chance you are on, would you please say HI to Perry for me! He & my dad knew each other since the 60's when both were doing their thing out of Oakland. My dad (Dick aka DDD) piloted all the planes EVERY weekend for years at Antioch. I spent most of those yrs being the harness leaner. I had the priveledge of growing up with the innovators & true pioneers of the sport (& Perry was the #1 stud). I don't think very many people realize how many designs he had and his emphatic refusal to let anyone test pilot a new design. The ongoing "joke" was, "Perry only broke/sprained ___ this time. Curious if you recognize the painted jumper picture?
  7. Thnx for the info. My jump cert is 79 typo on the 74 & your "real name" sounds familiar. Unfortunately my dads photos logs & the rest gone except for the 60's stuff I have. I remember that when those jumpers wearing those crazy bellbottom suits showed up & the square chutes came in some guys who could jump were actually filming simultaneously....hmmm. Well I'm sure I met you amongst the many other crazy serious skydivers.
  8. Murphy's Law in action. Yep he lost his eye mowing the lawn just before he packed up & moved from Antioch. Numerous casts but nothing permanent from all the rigs he designed & test pilot jumped his self. I read he was recently inducted as a pioneer for his skydiving innovations in the USPA. A most deserved honor! Very glad to hear he's still kickin! If by chance you see or are able to contact him, please tell him that Dick's daughter says HELLO
  9. I posted some old pix of my pops. They're in the "Vintage" section.
  10. Thank you for the news SkydiveJack. I appreciate it. I posted some old pix of my pop; you may have known him, Dick Enarson. In the "Vintage" section.
  11. I've got a copy of that tandem video. (Dick's daughter) I posted some old pix of him, in the "Vintage" section.
  12. Hi, I worked the snack bar for Perry in the early 70's. My dad Dick Enarson flew & instructed. I found my jump cert & was wondering if maybe you knew Carl Beck or Sherry Kolander. Is that her (2nd girl from left) in photo on your bio?
  13. Found my First Jump Certificate : Antioch Sport Parachute Center Nov 12, 1974. Signed by Instructor Carl Beck C-10577 Ser #4767 and Jumpmaster Sherry Kolander C-13061. Anyone know where they are now?
  14. D 226 Dick Enarson died of cancer in 1/07. Remained an active pilot instructor until then. D 250 Brian McNamara, Minister; last saw him around 1999 D 45 Bob Skinner; last saw him in Reno NV around 1999 D 51 Perry Stevens; last saw him when he retired, sold the Antioch DZ & got in his mobile home & hit the road with his wife.