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  1. anthonyfellows

    Tunnel time!

    Yeah ... Don't go to TN. Edited to add ... The Pigeon Forge tunnel that is.
  2. anthonyfellows

    First time asked.......

    Is she hot? Do you have any nude photos of her?
  3. anthonyfellows

    Anyone enjoy opening high

    Nope. Edited to add ... My thought is that your idea is good for you and many others who share the same opinions, so stick with it. No need to change your opinion, because assholes like me don't enjoy opening high.
  4. anthonyfellows

    first ever skydive - my story

    Wish I could remember my first jump with that much detail! Sounds like you had a great time.
  5. anthonyfellows

    Taking my rig on a plane.
  6. anthonyfellows

    Video & Stills.

    The DZ that I did my first 20 some jumps at charged 89 for video and another 25 to add stills. The DZ I've been going to this year charges 65 for video, but doesn't offer stills.
  7. anthonyfellows

    Dissappointing deal here!!! :-(

    Did you already pay him for it?
  8. anthonyfellows

    Tunnel flying

    Do some tunnel time. You won't regret it. I can't even begin to tell you how helpful it was for me when I was about half way through aff, struggling with some body position issues. There is no other tool that will increase your freefall skills as much as the tunnel. It was so amazing to see what 30 minutes of tunnel time did for me. I visited Paraclete in NC last August. I'm going to head down to TN to do another 30 minutes in the tunnel sometime in Feb.
  9. anthonyfellows

    Has skydiving made you safer?

    Hmmm ... I don't think so. It made me start driving faster than normal though. On another note ... more skydiving makes me feel like a more aware/safer skydiver.
  10. anthonyfellows

    Hello all...

    Cool Picture ... Welcome!
  11. anthonyfellows

    Video to youtube help please

    You can use DVD Decryptor in IFO mode to rip the entire dvd as a single VOB. Is that the type of file you uploaded to youtube? If not, you can convert the vob to avi with Auto GK.
  12. anthonyfellows

  13. anthonyfellows

    what's the AFF beer deal?

    I bought a case of beer when I graduated aff.
  14. anthonyfellows

    Just finished AFF. Incredible.

    Congratulations!!! It's a pretty awesome feeling to complete aff, isn't it? I just finished a couple of weeks ago.
  15. anthonyfellows

    Xperience Days here in peace..

    Personally I don't understand why anyone would book their tandem skydive through a company other than the dz. It makes pretty close to zero sense to me and from what I've seen, it's more expensive. I almost made what I would call "the mistake" when I was booking my first tandem jump. Luckily, I realized it before it was too late. My question to you is ... what is your company giving a customer that booking through the dz is not going to get them? I understand that the company exists to do business and make money, I just don't see how it benefits the customer in any way. P.S. your website is down