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  1. http://crossfit.com/ Crossfit will help you improve your balance while leading to overall better conditioning. Your cardio will be dramatically increased as well. The program works as 3 days of working out and 1 day rest cycled through continuously. Best part is most of the workouts take less than an hour to complete.
  2. Well I like the original DZ a whole lot and could possibly make it my home DZ even with the drive, but at the same time it's the only DZ I've been to. Who knows, the new DZ could be 10 times better. But both times are one way so I'm looking at 6-7 hours of driving as compared to an hour and a half. I just didn't know if stuff like this was the type of behavior that can put you on people's shit lists.
  3. Hey guys, as you can probably tell I'm new to the sport. When I found my first dropzone it was more than 3 hours away for a drive. So far they've been very helpful and overall good mentors/instructors for me. Now that I know a bit about the sport, I've found a new dropzone closer to me about 45 min away. They happen to be doing an A license certification night where they're focusing on having several coaches and doing a progression for checking off everything needed for completion of the A License after you graduate from AFF. Would going to that event and finishing my A License rub the original dropzone I found wrong? I like the people there and honestly don't want to make people grumpy when I'm so new to the sport. I do plan on jumping there as either my full time main DZ or at least a very frequent secondary. Thanks for any help,
  4. 5 of my jumps were military static line for the standard Airborne training as far as the sport jumps go all have been AFF so far.
  5. Hello skydiving community! I'm a brand spanking new skydiver and I'm loving it. I just wanted to make an initial post to introduce myself, so... hey!