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  1. Hi, can you be specific on what kind of scam this is. This person said he would send a check and could wait for shippment until it cleared. Any info appretiated ------ LIFT ME UP!! ------
  2. Not that I do it on purpose, but on the way to altitude I find my self chewing gum, so just before green light comes on I tightly stuff it to one side of my mouth. I´ll probably keep doing it, but I in no way recomend having anything in your mouth while falling,,,,,, maybe rare, but someone can choke, and thats NO JOKE!! ------ LIFT ME UP!! ------
  3. Looking back at my own tandem jumps as a passenger, and many others I have seen on several DZs; once deployed and on the ride down, it is common for the TI to release both bottom connectors on the passengers harness and loosen up the leg straps, sliding them down, to allow the passenger to be in a more comfortable "sit" position. Question is...... Is this a safe thing to do ? In the event of having the main collapse or any other mal that would lead to a cutaway & E.P´s, the passenger: 1) would only be connected at 2 points () 2) Leg straps loose and slided half way down the legs I think passenger safety by far overweights "comfort" Statistically, it might not prove to be dangerous, but should this common practice be reconsidered? ------ LIFT ME UP!! ------
  4. $$$ ------ LIFT ME UP!! ------
  5. Thanks for the info John ! We should do some fund raising to build something decent in Central Texas,,, I know I´d $ pitch in. ------ LIFT ME UP!! ------
  6. Do plan to go to Eloy sometime this year,,, Just wanted to find a tunnel near me to drop by any weekend. Thanks !! ------ LIFT ME UP!! ------
  7. Bummer! That´s I have been browsing, and found "Adrena-L in" in houston, but their web page is very unclear... (?) ------ LIFT ME UP!! ------
  8. I´m looking to do some tunnel time, does any body know of a wind tunnel in the San Antonio--Austin area? Found in Dallas, but a bit too far. Thanks ! ------ LIFT ME UP!! ------
  9. Thanks for the answers! It seemed to me quite unlikely for some one to be able to reach back and pull off E.P.´s while being a passenger. Good to know it can be done! ------ LIFT ME UP!! ------
  10. Hypothetically, Lets suppose a TI and an experienced jumper decide to do a Tandem fun jump (experienced jumper as the passenger). The TI for what ever reason is knocked unconscious on exit even before he can pull out the drogue. What can the passenger do besides trying to keep stable and hoping the AAD fires at altitude? It would seem to me like a waste of time just falling and waiting to get to AAD firing altitude to find out if its going to save you life or not. I suspect pulling the drogue yourself is out of the question since it is far beyond the passengers reach. The reserve handle is at best behind your left shoulder, not easy to touch, less long pull. Is this correct? Can something be done? Note I am talking about an experienced jumper being the passenger. As a student all you could do is wait, or not? ------ LIFT ME UP!! ------
  11. Thanks! ------ LIFT ME UP!! ------
  12. Anybody have an opinion whether in any specific situation an RSL worsens your status instead of helping. Eg. suppose you have multiple line twists and are in a spin, you cut-away and your unstable, on your back or completely mal positioned. Won´t that situation cause your already deploying reserve to tangle or open improperly. If altitude permiting, wouldn´t it be better to cut-away stabilize, and then pull silver on your own. Has any one had or heard about a bad experience with RSL? ------ LIFT ME UP!! ------
  13. BSRs aren't laws, like HnS said, if you don't like what goes on, leave. In reality, most paid packers aren't riggers and aren't supervised. In reality, reserves get pencil-packed a lot. Personally, I always follow the rules on this one. -------------------------------------------------- Scary, but mostly INDIGNANT. Leave the DZ and go to anotherone is what any knowledgable and wise skydiver would do, specially if the things going on interfere with personal ethics. Most of the BSRs mentioned maybe except for the "ground-air radio communication", do not affect the licensed skydiver nor anyone who owns their equipment. It is the inocent "ignorant to the sport" first time jump student, which is suited up and attached to a backpack full of plates or an old patched up 170 with NO AAD!!! Most students know little if anything about regulations and are not obligated to be on "the look out" or constantly suspicious about DZ management. So YES if your experienced and notice violations leave... And YES BSRs are not laws,, but I think the world would be a safer place if they were. It is sad to read that nothing can be done about it and that there's no one to turn to. ------ LIFT ME UP!! ------