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  1. That's the spirit! Wanna come make a wish Jimmy went in memorial jump at Toledo? I bet it will be their most popular boogie of the season!
  2. How is taking a pill going to stop Mickey from trying to hurt me? Once he set me up with an R1 and a loose chain (un benounced to me) I took it out on the freeway. It was so loose it wore a 1/4" groove in the swing arm and wasted the chain.... Chris Winters was so upset at that fact that he said he wasn't going to buy a jump suit from him. So this ISN'T the first time Mickey's little schemes have failed... I think you too need Jesus... Forget the pills...
  3. I had a Nephilim give me head for a few hours but couldn't get me off... True story... lol PSSSSYCH! That would be nuttttts!
  4. I have accidently landed out with students before... Anyone can fuck up on the spot... And you wanna know somthing that was MY FUCK UP... I Also remember the first time a tandem instructor with a few thousand jumps spotted me so far out to sea that the woman that I was skydiving with that weighed 50 lbs less than I ended up in the water... ;)
  5. No but I have a 15" Penis, I can free fly circles around you, and I bring a new definition to the word skygod I wiegh 245 lbs and jump a 68 sq canopy just so people like you think I am cool ;)
  6. I uploaded this song just for you with a new song! Enjoy! :)
  7. I have been in the sport since April of 09... I have been through 2 coach courses 2 static line courses have a few hundred jumps on. I own 5 airplanes including a turbine powered ultralight. I was looking forward to getting my Tandem rating as soon as I could. I apprenticed under the DZ's old jump pilot and mechanic for about 6 months... Needless too say I know the difference between MSL and AGL... There is a lot stuff I am not going to go into in the forum... But Mickey and Dawn didn't only set me up they taunted me when they set me up, its on tape. The thing that hurts is when you go to the people who taught you how to skydive and you know and they know what happened... But they still side with the devil...
  8. So how smart does that make the tandem instructor that had to pull at 10k after complaining the spot was too far inland??? Or was that somehow my fault too?
  9. Rstanley maybe I could teach your children how to skydive fuck with them and when they land in the trees or in the ocean it will be their fault? You fuckers make me sick...
  10. Exactly Grimmy the cops are not going to do anything... If jews trick someone in an airplane and try to hurt someone its a joke... If an arab does it its terrorism...
  11. I think you would have decided the same thing even if I had a 100 page manifesto complete with drawings and videos of them dacing around the fire naked with horns popping out of their heads...
  12. First of Dougy Dougy I didn't even want to be on that airplane... I WAS ASKED... DAWN AND MICKEY SET UP THE SKYDIVE... I even said no and I was TALKED INTO IT... Mickey was COMPLAINING about the spot being too far inland on the ground before we took off... The guy on the Apache winsuit and the Ibird were TOO AFRAID AND ROAD THE AIRPLANE BACK IN... I guess at the end of the day if its not your life you wouldn't care... Hell I bet you would laugh if they would have gotten video of me in the water...
  13. I understand I could have pulled high... I am a low time jumper compared to the others that were on that airplane... What I don't get is if someone was TRYING TO TRICK ME how its my fault for getting tricked? Why did the tandem pull at 10k? or where ever he did? Because he was TRYING to hose me... The intent is all over the video... Why don't you post some pictures of Mickey sticking his tounge out? After I got down he kept on snickering at me asking why I don't get back on the airplane... if I took a jumper with 25 jumps to make a skydive with me and I could trick him into jumping over the ocean and he went in would it be okay? Well one thing is for sure with people like you in the forum one thing is for sure. They would get away with it! ;)