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  1. c10edges

    Tunnel time v Real time

    How good would you expect to get at skateboarding if you have only ridden for a combined 6 minuets over a period of time? If you can, do a 15 minuet session next time...
  2. c10edges

    23? Is this correct?

    I hold you responsible to organize the new world record.
  3. It clearly says "a" broken arm and doesnt mention the person being unconscious. Wonder what happened? o... and "gust of wind" is my new favorite media term for skydiving.
  4. wish i could make it.
  5. c10edges

    Aerodyne Pilot

    I have around 300 jumps on a 188 loaded at 1.1. Great canopy to learn on. Has heavier front riser pressure and lighter rear pressure. Loved jumping it.
  6. c10edges

    made my own cx100 box

    That is very impressive.
  7. c10edges

    HD wide angle lens for 15$...???

    In electronics, you get what you pay for. In this case its two lens for 15 bucks. Simple answer: not HD
  8. c10edges

    New gear of the future??

    Canopies that pack really really small
  9. c10edges

    Century 0.55X (pics)

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but I did not think that the Century .55x is a true High Definition Lense. I thought it did not capture more than 300 lines/(something). Does it have the same/better/worse quality of the Raynox 3032? Also, I am assuming the lens you bought is the first one on the link $114? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?Ntt=CENTURY%20.55&N=0 I have been following these threads pretty close, but i all of a sudden got confused.
  10. c10edges

    How windy is too windy?

    depends on WL, jump #s, experience, confidence, its a personal answer. I have jumped in 20s, but have stayed on the ground in strong gusts blowing from 5-17ish. needless to say, in your case, winds were too high. My favorite indication if the winds are too high is when the person with 1000 more jumps than you are staying on the ground. Pick someone with more jumps than you, who knows your skill well, and who's judgement you trust and ask them if its ok for you to jump.
  11. c10edges

    Best Way to Prepare For AFFI?

    This would defiantly help. Two new instructors that i know very well said this is the only reason why they passed. http://www.theratingscenter.com/
  12. c10edges

    another mac question

    tell him to download VLC player. can download it from www.versiontracker.com it can play almost anyformat
  13. c10edges

    22' tunnel rumour....

    might be a little too much $$$
  14. you will die. just leave it at that.