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  1. I'm biased since it's my home DZ but you should consider Skydive Spaceland, Houston, Texas. Awesome facilities (DZ and planes), ridiculously talented staff and a great program.
  2. Seeking recommendations for a DZ near Paris, France for weekend 21/22/23 September. Thanks in advance.
  3. Wales v Samoa this evening. Cymru Am Byth!
  4. To be fair there's not much to do in Casa Grande.
  5. Similar experience here. Through AFF I always had a 'preference' to sit at a comfortable distance from the door. All that disappeared somewhere during my coach jumps for whatever reason - spending more time at the (open) door on the ride up to altitude probably helped along with being more and more comfortable and less anxious about the jumps themselves.
  6. After spending many weekends grounded due to the windy Texas Spring I finally got to my check dive this past weekend.
  7. Today saw my last coach jump and my first few solo's! Still loads to learn but after days like today - life rocks
  8. I'm pretty sure you'd have enough left over to build us a tunnel in Texas too. So, thanks in advance
  9. I believe in the UK tax is paid/collected on the 'stake', i.e. there is tax paid/collected from the price of the lottery ticket. So there's no tax paid on the winnings. You'll pay tax on interest earned on the winnings but that's no different to money you'd have in the bank for any other means.
  10. You want Google+ Do I... In so far as the Google+ Circles feature addresses your point about having groups that are separate from each other. It would allow you to have a Family Circle, Work Circle, Skydiver Friends Circle, Non Skydiver Friends Circle and share what was relevant to each with each. Your Family Circle wouldn't get to see what you shared with your Skydiver Friends Circle and vice versa.