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  1. It's not so much grainy as if you were trying to shoot in the dark, but it's not quite blurry.. It really just looks as if nothing is very sharp, definitely shouldn't look like that.. I just can't figure out what is causing it.. i haven't changed any settings, nothing.. It's confusing.. David Aaron Hewel DJ/Graphic Designer
  2. I'll make sure everything is spotless next time I jump. For a second I thought maybe I was zoomed in a little and it was causing distortion, but it really just looks not very sharp. Almost a little blurry.. I'll pay around with it some more and see if I can figure it out.. David Aaron Hewel DJ/Graphic Designer
  3. I've done a few jumps with this lens on my CX100 and the quality looks a little grainy and not clear like my Opteka Baby Death.. Anyone else having that problem? I really don't know what the deal is. I want to use this lens for shooting tandems, etc.. But the quality just doesn't seem as sharp as my other lenses.. Any suggestions for a similar lens that might be better? Or is there anyone who knows why I might be getting this problem? David Aaron Hewel DJ/Graphic Designer
  4. Nice, that is the price range I was hoping for.. It's a shame that they discoed the Eclipse. I like that container. How much would the reserve decrease in value if it has had a ride or two on it? David Aaron Hewel DJ/Graphic Designer
  5. I guess this question is aimed at riggers mainly, or anyone who might have a pretty good idea on the value of used equipment. I am currently trying to buy a Stunts Eclipse container and reserve from the DZO she told me to make her an offer for it. I was hoping somebody on the forum could help me figure out about how much the container and reserve are worth. Here are the specs on the equipment.. Stunts Eclipse, DOM:4/97. The container looks like it is in good condition, I am guessing it has had at least 600 jumps, but it looks as if it was taken care of well. Reserve: PD 193R DOM: 9/96 # of jumps: Unknown The reserve has been inspected and repacked recently, so I know it is in good condition. Any advice on how much this container and reserve are worth would be greatly appreciated. I want to make sure I get a fair deal. Thanks! Pic: David Aaron Hewel DJ/Graphic Designer
  6. Does anybody actually fall for these stupid scams? David Aaron Hewel DJ/Graphic Designer