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  1. Try me. I've studied a lot of partial differential equations and specialised in nonlinear numerical methods, so I think I can handle a bit of complexity*. If you can just kindly provide an explanation from your shining intellect I'll try to translate it for the laypeople here. (*not as credentialled as the professor here, only a master's degree but I do like technical stuff)
  2. You're right of course - I just can't help myself, even to the extent of revealing some personal stuff which I promised myself I wouldn't do, especially as I thought that Brains was a dipstick because he had to tell us how clever and qualified he was, which normally means the guy is thicker than p-s. This is definitely the last of my comments - you guys have ground me down for the 'win'. Enjoy your week.
  3. Stumpy - let me guess.... 'challenged'? Don't vent your angst at me kiwi
  4. You don't give up, do you? Believe me, if your family fled persecution, it's passed down the line so you DO know about it. And try to stop bringing black and brown into the conversation - you'll be throwing the R word at me next despite the fact that my father in law was Jewish and my wife's maternal ancestors were classified as people of colour in good old apartheid South Africa. Really now, no more comments from me despite how hard you might wind my clock. Enjoy your week.
  5. Another post by you that is actually so dumb it doesn't warrant a reply - shit, there goes my 'no further replies' promise - my bad lolll, but to answer - they'll go back home once the dust settles - and they're OK with that - just speak to some of them firsthand rather than getting your info from the Daily Mail or Twitter.
  6. Going to break my 'no reply' rule on this one because it probably get's the cigar in a series of replies that have been fired at me over this thread. At least the Brit boys are anti-Tory and I'm not anti-Tory, that much is clear. A lot of the vitriol coming my way has been over simple UK Government policy, which they clearly don't agree with and which I back. I can accept that. But to make a 'suggestion' like this one is beyond belief. The biggest single threat to World peace at the moment is being prosecuted by a modern day 'Hitler'. He's the type of person who will start another holocaust. One of Ukraine's biggest supporters in the struggle against this tyrant is 'little' Great Britain. Legal refugees come to this country and are welcomed with open arms, not only by the Government, but also by the local people. In our village of 2000 we have 3 Ukrainian families being sheltered. A large percentage of our population are descended from those who fled the Holocaust and quite a few of those are and have been in our Government/s. You might 'suggest' but you most certainly may not 'suggest' ...anything. Please don't preach to me.
  7. So, this will be my final post on this issue - anyone can see where I have my sympathies and there are no apologies for my opinions, right or wrong (although I have been told 'it doesn't matter what I think' in one post.....hahaha). The main posters, who I have nicknamed 'Brains', 'Pub Quiz Captain' and 'Nause' (select whichever one suits you, guys) are IMHO, symptomatic of the lefty, snowflake, apologist malaise which affects much of Europe these days. A lot of the stuff posted sort of reminds me of the liberal 'journalist' who was having a pop at a Tory politician saying that he didn't know what it was like to have to flee a country only to be told that his family had fled the holocaust...opening mouths to change feet lol. It's best to research your target before pulling the trigger. So that's all folks - sayonara - if we ever meet at a UK DZ I'm sure we'll all be best mates and share jump and a beer - at least I will be happy to do so. Here endeth my rant - don't expect any further responses!!
  8. I'm intrigued - do tell how you managed it so I can try it if I'm ever dumb enough to do the same thing.
  9. and here's me thinking that you should claim asylum in the first safe country you entered, not pick and choose from a menu of 'safe' options. Silly me - thanks for the lesson/s O Wise one - you and pub quiz Captain must be real fun over a drink or two ....
  10. You've illustrated my point/s precisely. Thank you. (1) NHS is staffed with immigrants, but not ILLEGAL immigrants as these freeloaders are. (2) I'm hoping that you got the sarcasm in my France 'warzone' statement - it's a perfectly safe country for them to settle in as were the other countries they transited to get to France - just because the French and others are harsh on them (as we need to be) doesn't give them the right to row their boats over here to the perceived land of milk and honey. They are illegal, they are economic migrants (despite what pub quiz captain said in his migrant dissertation - yaaaawn - earlier). They need to go.
  11. From your flag you are a Canadian....check my initial post......
  12. If you REALLY need to ask this question, then you clearly wouldn't understand the explanation.
  13. The greatest threat to the UK comes not from overprivileged ex public shooolboys in office, it comes from 'New' Labour, which is these days simply a badly patched version of the Tories. Lead by a limp-wristed millionaire Knight of the Realm and his harpy deputy, they would take us further down the drain that was started by the other millionaire new-labourite-warmonger Blair. Let's not even talk about the Marxist terrorist sympathiser Corbyn. If Labour want to get back into power they need to go back to being the party of the working class and stop being Tory re-treads. Until that time BoJo is the man, suck it up.
  14. And yet we have our own citizens living rough/sleeping under the arches/dying of exposure/selling Big Issue to earn a crust - Wow - makes perfect sense to let all the freeloaders in, doesn't it??
  15. Yeah, really awful in France where they just left, isn't it?? Total warzone ROFL ......the fact is the French don't make it 'easy' for them, nor do the Germans, nor do any of the other multiple countries they've transited to get to the land of perceived 'easy' benefits and free housing. Our veterans and homeless have to go to the foodbank while these wasters get it all. BS back at you x 2.