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  1. squiffy

    How Sigma & Burble’s Tech Are Changing Skydiving

    Will this mean that Burble will finally get a web presence? I don't have Android or Apple - so can use it
  2. https://www.facebook.com/ben.allen.5201
  3. squiffy

    Sony IP5

    use your finger like everyone else! Old but gold
  4. squiffy

    UK Skydivers

    Done Ashley
  5. found this - might be usefull- http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q=Rotator+Cuff+Exercises&btnG=Search&meta= Blues Ashley
  6. You need your arms to fly - so it is not as easy as just reducing the drag, having said that, my original suit was very baggy and cotton - so not slippery at all, talk to your instructors about what would be best for you. Talk to your instructors about body position; make sure they understand your concerns. Being relaxed in the air is something we all strive for - it helps with awareness, body position and flying. My gym is called Kieser Training http://www.kieser-training.com/uk_english/pages/HO/HO.shtml - they only have 1 gym in the UK at Mornington Crescent. it is unlike any gym I have been a member of - they design and build their own resistance machines and the staff are highly trained and work regularly with me to develop my training programme. Try to find one that offers the same type of personal coaching - a 'real' gym rather than your fluff and puff high street offerings, but obviously your are looking to build upper body strength. When I was recovering form my dislocation I Goggled for post dislocation excursuses and found a couple of useful site - unfortunately I not have their URLs. But get some couching in the tunnel! Blues Ashley
  7. Dear Laurence Was it terrifying? - not at the time - I had a lot to sort out! It pays to listen to your instructors - and think about and plan for 'what if...' When not in freefall my dislocations were gut wrenching - I do have a high pain threshold but it was like being kicked very hard in the wedding tackle, in freefall - it still hurt - but there was a lot to sort out! Why did it dislocate? I believe it had to do with 3 factors - 1. Any shoulder that has been dislocated is weaker (don't forget I have not had surgery) - the gym can help with this - I didn't go to the gym then. 2. I was wearing a very baggy jump suit - bit like Andy Pandy - so it caught a lot of air on the arms 3. Having practiced my PC throw about a dozen times and was happy with it, I relaxed - a lot - which then bought me back to point 1 - and out it came. I dislocated on about jump 20 - I now have c. 370 jumps, competed in a four way RW team (took bronze overall) and have 6+ hours in the tunnel. I gave up the brace after about a year - and replaced it with the gym. BTW the tunnel is a great precursor to AFF - I wish I had had it! Blues Ashley
  8. Dear Laurence I dislocated both my shoulders as a teen, some 15 years later started skydiving. I did not have any operations on either shoulder and no more major dislocations. I got my A licence and was converting to throw away - on the first throw away jump I dislocated my right shoulder in free fall - hurt like hell! I had altitude (c. 8000') and considered my reserve however I tried to deploy with my left hand - not possible - I then used my dislocated right arm to deploy - needless to say that I didn't throw the PC very far! Once under canopy I even reached up with both hands to release the brakes - it was at that point that I decided that was a very silly idea as it hurt WAY too much. I used one hand and my mouth to use the toggles - flared using both toggles in one hand and PLFed (onto the non-dislocated side!). Back in the UK had a great physio - he gave me a Theraband to exercise with (It is like a big rubber band and the exercises concentrate on the rotator cuff muscles). He also found me 'The Sully' by Saunders Sports http://www.questsportsmedicine.com/saunders.html which I used once back in the air (about 4 months later) It worked well - mainly placebo I am sure - but it did feel as though the shoulder was supported; it also could be configured for different types of shoulder injury. This was 7 years ago - and I have no idea if you can get them in the UK now. If there had been the tunnels in the UK back then I would have definalty gone for a tryout before going back in the air. For my first jump post dislocation I had an AFF instructor with me to deploy for me if I couldn't. Enjoy skydiving - go to the tunnel - far better to find out at home that you have a problem rather than 3000 miles away My 2p Blues Ashley
  9. squiffy

    Colin Hicklin

    Happy Birthday mate, thinking of you... Blue skys Ashley
  10. squiffy

    realization about shoes

    Teva induced reserve ride - I was in a junior 4 way team, we launched a crank (which just about flew) - as the outside center brought his legs up after exit his left Teva caught in the d ring of the tails rig - exit one tail @ 12000 feet! No more Tevas after that. Ashley
  11. A little more info here: http://promotions.magic.fm/promotions/radox/index.asp Ashley
  12. squiffy

    Wally Gubbins

    A drinking buddy at my local turned out to be Sharky (as in Sharky Sheridon ex Freds) - he was also involved with the Wally films - there is a exclent clip on Sykdiving movies of him trying to do AFF L1 with Richard Branson. Sharky is currently out in the Middle East doing 'stuff' hasn't jumped for a awhile. Will see if I can get more! Ashley
  13. squiffy

    Bodyflight Frenzy Require a 4th Member!

    Very interested, flew point for Team Aspect (took GP bronze in 2004) - had last year off - but I can't make Spain. I will be at Bedford training on Sunday Regards Ashley
  14. squiffy

    Aerokart, Paris

    Spike speaks the truth - we were in the same team for last season and we went through these figures at lenght!!!!!!! IMHO they have there pros and cons - Paris more space for 4 way, very constant air flow - bad air at the edge (I even saw one of Vmax fall off - admittedly she was couching and not with the rest of the team) and I found the wall netting off-putting - kept thinking that I would get fouled on it. Orlando - good air up to the wall, calmer seating area while waiting to enter the tunnel - can almost hear your coach , you can stand on the bottom netting but it is smaller - on 4 way you often find your legs touching the wall - which can end up in a false flying position. You pays your money you takes your choice. Ash