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  1. I know they seem ridiculous and unhelpful, but in regards to the constructs we are looking into they provide us with alot of information. as long as they are answered truthfully this study will have the foundations to be a success. I'd hope to be able to show you our results upon completion.
  2. Hi all, as i mentioned i am brand new to this site and at the time the legitimacy of my account did not cross my mind, this is also the first forum i have used and found the layout quite confusing. However i see your points. so i can tell you i am a skydiver who qualified in Ocana over summer, just outside madrid and am currently on 26 jumps, looking forward to continuing once my studies have finished, in the profile picture i am the dark haired guy on the right. This is me and my buddy just about to go up to complete our level 7's... good times. I can only apologise that the link did not work for those of you who attempted it there was one issue with the survey that had to be ammended immediatley, unfortunately i had already posted it on here (i'm based in the UK so 3/12/2013 was actually yesterday). I can assure you all, that this is a genuine study that is being carried out with the support of some of the best sport psychologist researchers in the UK with the ultimate goal being that we get this published, I am working in close contact with my professor but ultimatley the data collection is down to me. I understand some of you may be sceptical but if you'd like to try the updated version below that would be great, i understand it's a pain and if i get a bad response i shall not hastle you again. Thanks Ben https://www.survey.bris.ac.uk/bangor/highrisksports
  3. Hi there my name's Ben Allen, After passing my AFF over summer this year I became instantly hooked as i'm sure you all understand. My problem now is that i am stuck at university in my final year, itching to finish and head abroad to jump as much as possible, (the weather here in North Wales isn't ideal). As part of my third year project i am carrying out a research experiment which i'm hoping some of you may be able to help me with. I am looking into the reasons why people take part in high risk sports, such as skydiving, B.A.S.E jumping and Rockclimbing. The questionnaire would take all of 15 minutes and you'll be entered in with a chance to win a £50 cash prize. You'll receive no Spam into your account and will only hear from me if you win the prize draw or if you decide you would like to receive a copy of our results. If anybody would be kind enough to lend 15 minutes of there time towards helping me get as many participants for my study as possible I would be thoroughly grateful. I've posted the link below. Many Thanks and Blue skies https://www.survey.bris.ac.uk/bangor/risktakingbehaviours/