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  1. What a bunch of funking cunts. in the 20 years I have been using this board it has been old timers keeping secrets, rapes, drugs, criminal activity, drug use resulting in skydiver deaths or injuries. Like the ole saying goes, don't drink and drive "get high and fly". USPA NEEDS a code of Ethics. Of course is not the USPA No one really uses this board anymore, IF THEY HAVE ANY SENSE. Not like they did in the 90's or early 2000's. It's old washed out has been's..... yeah legends in the sport but total fuck-ups nonetheless. Pro jumpers, instructers moving from DZ to DZ, old hands tied into the histoy of a DZ, If someone told me 17 years ago all of the secrets I'd need to keep and to be afraid of identifying myself for fear of being banned from dropzones for voicing the personal ethical opinions of the underhanded sleazy shit I've seen, I'd have never got into the sport parachuting world and not have to had to have learned of the skydiving deaths of close to 20 close friends over the years. ALL THIS BOARD HAS DONE IS KEEP SECRETS, AND TRY TO NAME NAMES, to try to personally identify people, SO YOUR NOT WELCOME ON A DZ YOU SHOW UP AT BECAUSE YOU'RE A POTENTIAL RAT. let's just tell the truth for once.
  2. what the hell? so sorry to learn of this news, and not to have heard anything other than in parachutist magazine.
  3. "Wife thought husband 'who tried to murder her by sabotaging her parachute' was member of 'sex club' and said he transferred £8,000 out of her bank account" Read more: Victoria Cilliers, 42, believed her husband Emile Cilliers was part of a sex club The physiotherapist thought he was having an affair after finding his condoms She threatened to go to police when £8,000 was transferred to his account Emile is accused of trying to kill Victoria twice in a bid to claim her life insurance Seems to have gone off the rails really surprised the direction the 2nd retrial has gone in. Seems to me at this point the bathroom seat being left up, the smell of dirty socks, gross eating habits, dirty laundry, etc. haven't been added to the trial testimony.
  4. I see from the record there were two settlement conferences and no settlement reached. It is now, again, scheduled for trial, anyone know when the next trial date will be?
  5. Prior to the "Dirty Harry" movie series gun violence was never depicted in movies as being empowering or "cool". In fact prior to this, in a cowboy western when the bad guy was shot he gripped his chest, pirouetted, picked a flower, and fell to the ground holding the flower to his chest..... who can say cornball. The 2nd amendment shall not be infringed but what should be infringed is the depiction of sexy empowering gun violence in popular culture, movies and media. Since Obama is in bed with Hollywood it would be easy for him to start their, except he works for them, not the other way around.
  7. 52% were made by one person. The judge should see the bias right there. One person made 855 complaints during the data collection period mentioned? (Jan. 1, 2014, and Dec. 13, 2014)
  8. A good parachute is a good parachute and for me that means a brand new parachute. I'd like a couple of those used gear advocates that comment used is perfect because I saved 482.15 wade in and now talk about recourse, was it a a good deal, a good deal and a bad seller, was it shit gear, was it shit gear and sold on with jumps, etc, etc. seems they post on everything else.... yet are strangely quiet in this thread. For me it's life saving equipment. I buy new and jump it, it's mine. I feel comfortable in my decision. Get yourself a new main. If you gave me $10,000 I would not jump it, saving any dollar amount is not worth it to me when it comes to life saving equipment If Icarus helps you out great, they do not have too, lets give it a bit of time and see, but it sounds like you bought junk.
  9. I am surprised we haven't had people come out of the woodwork and say the Red Bull Stratos jump was faked..... just like the moon landing was.
  10. no disrespect intended.
  11. In reading your comments I am thinking of raising my cypress2 by 300 feet. I am concerned that I am jumping with both a main and a reserve that are at the "tight" fit for both the main and the reserve in my container. I don't want to be going through 1050 with out anything over my head ever.
  12. I agree with you completely. I'll leave this thread with this.... sometimes dopes need help too.