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  1. Thank you for the advice! I read the articles about buying a used gear and I feel it's a good idea! How does the process work ? Should I buy a complete one, or match and mix ? Can I use a website or just post a request on Facebook skydiving sale page ? Should I ask a rigger to check it out ? How much does all that cost ? Thank you again
  2. I'm a new skydiver ( 50 jumps). I am 144 lbs, 5'6 and have been comfortable flying Saber 170 for the last 12 jumps ( wing load about 1). I am thinking about buying my own complete rig now. I would like to get a new one especially I'm not considering downsizing anytime soon ( my goal was main 170 and reserve 190). I tried websites like Chutingstar but I was face with many options as far as manufacturers of rigs, main canopy, reserve, AADs, etc. What's the difference between all of these types, which one is more cost-effective, what would you choose if you were me ? Thank you all in advance.
  3. Greetings everyone, I am a new skydiver with 40+ jump and I started thinking about buying a helmet or a jumpsuit. I found Cookie G3 to be the most popular but should I buy a new one or old ? Would I still to drill a place for go pro mount or can I buy one with mount on it ? I feel jumpsuit is a waste of money especially I don't like the tightness of these suits ( except in cold weather off course)! Any advice here ? Thank you.
  4. Hello fellows, I joined the sport just couple of months ago.I took my A License a few weeks ago. I am just wondering how do I move forward regarding my skills! Is there something like a checklist of skills that I have to do ( you know, like that A license checklist was very helpful). My goal is simple : to enjoy the sport more! One more thing, I am a bit nervous about group jumps worrying if I would hurt somebody or others hurt me in free fall!! Any advise for a newbie. Thanks in advance.