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  1. I’m looking for any info on this particular canopy, I couldn’t find anything on the Google. It appears to have been manufactured by Aerazur or Parachutes de France in 2015. It’s a large grey canopy. I’ve attached a picture of data panel. If anyone knows anything about this canopy I’d love to know more.
  2. I live in Washington state and I sent it back to Florida for the service bulletin and it was shipped to Belgium for the service. Took about 60 days from when I sent it in till returned.
  3. I recently purchased a clone of a Consew 733 sewing machine (no assembly directions). It came with pneumatic pressor foot lifter and reverse. I’ve included a picture of the pneumatic accuators and brackets for them but was curious if anybody has a picture or diagram on how they might mount under the table?
  4. Hey there everybody. I'm looking for a good dropzone to visit next month. I'd like to find a dropzone that's also near some nice beaches with scuba diving or snorkeling possibilities. However not interested in Oahu. Any recommendations?
  5. This Dropzone just opened up in May of this year and they seem to have it dialed in. They have a nice clean and covered packing area that is carpeted. Their main airplane at this time is a very clean Cessna 182 wide body with Snohomish jump door. They also frequently do helicopter jumps. The landing area is a work in progress but is large. Staff were very friendly and atmosphere was comfortable. They did have on-site packer and they also rent wing suits.
  6. Since I'm not using this as life safety component, I decided to just make a cut into the lever to feed the webbing through and then to sew it. As a side note, I don't believe the strength lost by making the cut will ever affect the ability of the lever to operate.
  7. Here's a link to download the Parachute Recovery systems manual. It's a legal free download. The military approved it as public information. Just copy and paste the address into your website address bar. Once the page has fully opened just mouse over the document and right click and hit save as to download the file to your computer. Or if you'd like a printed version for $35.00 check out this website: edit to make URLs clicky.
  8. Thanks everybody, this was exactly the information I was looking for!!
  9. I have several dozen quick ejectors and want to modify a few for various projects. I'm not utilizing these for harness fittings.
  10. Hello everybody. I've seen several drawn pictures of quick ejectors with a piece of narrow ribbon or webbing attached to the lever that moves the ejector mechanism. Does anybody have a close up picture of one of these? Also did they just cut a slot in the lever to feed the webbing through or how do they affix the webbing to the lever? Any info would be helpful, thanks much.
  11. Seattle Fabrics carries modern camo patterns in Cordura.
  12. Thanks guys, you definitely provided the info I was looking for and I didn't have to cut one apart to satisfy my curiosity.
  13. Paypal lets merchants send a Paypal invoice via email which then allows you to pay via paypal funds or by credit card. Both paypal or if you use your credit card most likely have fraud protection. Paypal payment is a good choice for both the seller and the buyer as it helps protect both parties. Sellers don't have to worry about checks bouncing or fraudulent money orders and buyers get fraud protection coverage.