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  1. Thanks all. Glad to know it's peeps from out community. Would love for Jeffro, Andy, or Amy to give a behind the scences update. Don't be sexist… Broads hate that.
  2. No. I saw it. And your point is?? Don't be sexist… Broads hate that.
  3. Did a search and didn't see anything, so... I've been seeing this new Verizon commecial where three skydivers dressed in black launch out the back of what appears to be a jet (maybe CGI?). Once screaming full speed head down they though some fireball or something. Anyone have any details i.e. where was it filmed, who are the jumpers, etc., etc. Don't be sexist… Broads hate that.
  4. Really? Are you kidding? 450 jumps over 5 years and you want a xbraced canopy? Dude, listen to the posters on this tread (VB, Scrum). Jump your XF2 for another 500+ jumps with coaching. As Scrum asked, what are you trying or wanting to do on a JFX that you can't do on a XF2 right now? I have a feeling we'll be seeing you in the incidents forum. Don't be sexist… Broads hate that.
  5. DaKine might be back. Chuck has been at the DZ a few times and indicated he may start making suits again. He started a Facebook page, but don’t know if it’s still up. I don’t believe that he’ll make suits at same numbers/quantity as before… if he makes them at all. If he show’s up again to jump I’ll ask him which way he is leaning. Don't be sexist… Broads hate that.
  6. I dealt with very similar issues over the last 3-4 years. Sport and military jumping combined with on-the-job and typical daily use saw condition continue to worsen. Rounds of NSAIDs, PT, injections, and braces brought little to no relief or temporary relief. What helped me beat it and feel like NEW was Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy. Spec Op orthopedic surgeon referred me to a civilian orthopedic clinic (Andrews Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center, near Pensacola), where he had access and privileges. Anyway… The PRP is what did the trick for me. These kinds on injuries are VERY difficult to heal as we are always using the tendons and ligaments in that area e.g. they rarely get a rest. Icing can temporarily reduce inflammation, but you need a mechanism to get blood flow to an area that has very little blood flow (tendons and ligaments) to promote healing. Now, I obviously didn’t pay for the treatment and a single injection of your own plasma can get pricy ~$700 (+/-). However, knowing what I know now, I would do it again out of pocket. The improvement was that profound. This improvement didn’t happen overnight, but over the course of about 7-10 days I could see incredible improvements in reduced inflammation, range of motion, etc. Consult your physician, read some literature and form your own opinion. I’m a believer. Don't be sexist… Broads hate that.
  7. Lou / StayHigh... thanks for the UPT info. ST - I have two Mirage containers... MO & MT. I'll call UPT and let them know what I'm looking for. After your comments, seems pretty straight forward. Don't be sexist… Broads hate that.
  8. Didn’t want to hijack the other thread so… Anyone using a Semi-Stowless bag i.e. UPT, MPOD, etc., in a Mirage G4? Called Mirage and they won’t even custom make one for their G4 tray. Asked if they could recommend the UPT Semi-Stowless bag (or other) and they stated their tray design/shape was not consistent with Sem-Stowless bag manufactures design/shape. So, if you are using a Semi-Stowless bag in your Mirage G4, which manufacturer are you using and what are your thoughts on form & fit? Let’s go Mirage… How about offering a Semi-Stowless bag as an option or custom order? Don't be sexist… Broads hate that.
  9. These may help... http://www.upcs.at/ http://www.oliverfurrer.com/freefly_event_2011 Although Oliver (Furrer) is base in Switzerland, the Freefly Boogie is being held close by... Austria. Don't be sexist… Broads hate that.
  10. Add another to your list. Don't be sexist… Broads hate that.
  11. All - I can offer some limited insight to the Neos. I have about 32 jumps on a demo 99 Neos. Every jump was spectacular and that in-turn prompted me to order a new Neos. Well, after trying to resolve extremely hard openings, let’s just say I no long have the Neos… It’s back in Cisma’s hands. Personally, FAR too many reports of hard openings on the Neos to make it a viable upgrade from XF2 Subsequently, I called “MEL” (skyworks Rigging) and had a lengthy discussion about the JFX. MEL has been jumping (testing) the JFX for more than two years and he told me, and posted here as well, that the JFX was the best all around canopy he’s EVER jumped. He also stated that the JFX was the best opening canopy he’s ever jumped. Now, those statements coming from anyone else wouldn’t necessarily carry weight, but MEL is one of the most respected master riggers/jumpers in the industry. Some of the things relayed to me were; great transition canopy from XF2 (providing you possess the skills to move to a fully x-braced canopy); it’s 7-cell (21) fully cross braced (all the way to the tail) canopy; not built to be the swoop machine a JVX is; deigned to be used as an all-around, every day, every jump canopy. In fact, Tony (from Tony Suits) uses the JFX on his wingsuit jumps and I believe he too has been flying the wing for almost two years. L. Cani has also made some really positive remarks regarding the JFX as well. If you do a search you can find some decent info on the JFX. Or, email Attila at NZ Aerosports and he’ll give you a good run down. Believe demos will be very scarce. Don't be sexist… Broads hate that.
  12. Flatout - Glad to hear your Neos is working out. I finally had to return mine to Icarus (Cisma). I will agree with the rest of the comments here... Once open it's a fantastic canopy. Something else strikes me as well... I would think the shear number of hard opening reports would prompt Icarus and/or Cisma to take a really hard look at this wing. Switching to the JFX... where Cisma is NOT involved. Don't be sexist… Broads hate that.
  13. Ok… My $0.02 on Neos. I have a new Neos, amongst my other Icarus canopies, and am having one HELL of a problem resolving hard opening issues. It’s bad enough that I’m “testing” custom slider configurations (through Icarus) to stop the “slammers”. I won’t go into details about everything we’ve done to try and resolve the issue before trying custom sliders, but suffice it to say, everything has been considered/tried… even down to videoing body position. Up to now, nothing has helping and am on the verge of returning for refund. Like Wesly, I too demoed the shit out of a Neos and was thoroughly impressed. So impressed I ordered one. The demo had XF2 like openings, excellent riser pressure, nice recovery arc, incredible flare power, long beautiful swoops, etc. Recognizing that every now and then a subpar canopy does get manufactured and sold (even Velo’s!!), I think the Neos is a great all around, everyday canopy to include fulltime camera work. Although I personally wouldn’t use for wingsuiting. As a side note… had the JFX been available, I would have seriously considered that (after demoing) in lieu of Neos. Yeah I know… Two different companies. Cheers. BTW: PM me if you’ve solved a HARD opening Neos issue. Would love your input. Don't be sexist… Broads hate that.
  14. Yup... Just left AFSOC. Emerald Coast is closest DZ. Caravan during the summer and 182 during the winter. However, on long weekends I'd hit up The Farm and of course the annual trek to the St. Patty's Boogie in Fitz. All easy drives from FWB. Don't be sexist… Broads hate that.
  15. There are several jumpers living on Maui that fly themselves over for a day of jumping on the North Shore. Most have their own plane or helicopter or access to one. However, we are now in the “winter weather pattern” which means lots of south and southwest winds… not optimal jumping conditions for visiting jumpers. Don't be sexist… Broads hate that.