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  1. mircan

    New Skysystems Vapor Released!

    Bump. Two questions: 1. Is Vapor full carbon fiber or is just top plate made out of it? 2. Does anyone have user manual for it (if it even existed)?
  2. mircan

    Sony AS100VR and Sony A65 DSLR

    Thanks for writing about this. Do you have any links to tandem videos made with AS100?
  3. mircan

    SkyWideSystems - Fire container

    We use two of their student systems and we are very satisfied, in every aspect. Students prefer to use it over other systems that we use (Wings, Paratec...). They say it is more comfortable than the others. Buddy of mine jumps their sport rig, very satisfied. Comfort, quality of manufacture, price. TSO might be an issue depending on where you jump and local regulations. Few earlier threads: [url http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4413010;search_string=sws%20rigs;#4413010]here[/url] and [url http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4290298;search_string=SWS;#4290298]here[/url]
  4. mircan

    Aerograd kolumna

    I was there back in 2009. (the big tunnel was still under construction). I was never at any other tunnel, so no references, but I keep good memories. Learned lots of stuff. Flew 5.5 hours, freefly. Staff was very nice. English language could be an issue to some extent, as not all coaches have same english speaking skills. Still, lots of people (foreigners) are coming from Kolomna DZ, doing some tunnel flying then back to DZ do some jumps. I think it`s about hour+ drive dz-to-tunnel. I hope I was helpfull.
  5. mircan

    safire2 and crossfire2 1.6

    I jumped safire 139 at ~1.5 demoed xfire of the same size. Even if it felt better in flare, dive and lighter on the front risers it was still somewhat sluggish. Then I demoed 129 at 1.6, it was much, much different and I bought it in the end. Been jumping it for the last 200+ jumps. Now I think I need smaller, but instead I just wear weights.
  6. mircan

    Padobranski Klub Banja Luka

    DZ is located in northwest Bosnia. Jump days are mostly weekends. DZ workhorse plane is ex-military prop (4 jumpers+pilot). Larger plane (Antonov-2) can be arranged on occassion or when needed. DZ is located in military base 10 kilometers (6.5 miles) North from the city. We provide static line courses - 1 day training for the first jump. Exit altitudes are 3000-10000 feet.