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  1. Bump. Two questions: 1. Is Vapor full carbon fiber or is just top plate made out of it? 2. Does anyone have user manual for it (if it even existed)? dudeist skydiver #42
  2. Format (Sinisa Ardalic) passed on yesterday from lung cancer. Now, I guess almost none of you knew him personally (except Admins here), but this website was very important to him. So, I`m writing this in case that there is any cosmic chance that our lost friends can see these posts... He was one of the strangest people I have met in my life. Wandering mind and strange logic. He was banned here on numerous occasions, his posts being deleted... Still, I know this was nothing to do with all-too-familiar trolling, but it was all about strange ways in which his goofy mind worked. Earlier in his life, he made tons of money, and then, spent it all on hookers and blow. That was him. So, Sinke, wherever you are, fuck you! Juuu, juuu dude. Solid. dudeist skydiver #42
  3. All that others have said, plus: - if you get the chance, on the ground, try to practice the climb out (to see where to stand, what to grab), - try not to give strong initial impulse on exit, because you will be in dead air, and inertia will keep you going in that initial direction until you get more speed (it`s really funky feeling, that dead air ), - try to jump facing towards balloon. nice video if you wear camera. - watch out for burners. I had feeling that the heat will melt my camera gear, - balloon will not go up if the winds are too strong, so it should not be too tricky to land in any decent sized field, - bring cellphone, - bring whatever you need to pack your parachute, maybe you will wait for some time for pick up crew, so why not make a good use of use that time, - don`t forget to buy beer afterwards. Here is my jump, about a year ago. Balloon jump is great experience, totally worth it. dudeist skydiver #42
  4. I did that (with duct tape) first time I changed helmet setup. Still, on AZ1 "jello" was visible, on AS200 almost nothing. dudeist skydiver #42
  5. Lots of "jello" in the background on the second video... Much more than in the first one. I had similar issues with Sony AZ1 with stabilization turned ON. Currently, on AS200, "jello" is almost non-existant, with or without stabilization. Was anything different on this jump? dudeist skydiver #42
  6. Probably you would need some kind of firmware update and it should work. But so far, my experience with Sony and their software upgrades, is very bad. It seems that they do not invest so much in developing software. Instead, they just put out new model every 6 months (more money for them). IMO they could have been better competitor for GoPro if they just wrote the software better to utilize existing camera hardware. For instance, my AS200 takes timelapse photos by screen grabbing video frames (which is HD res only, and yes it`s a feature, not a bug) but at the same time stills are taken at ~9MP. GoPro has it since Mk_1. Go figure... dudeist skydiver #42
  7. It seems that it is compatible. https://www.sony.net/Products/actioncam/common/img/support/LVR/list_of_Compatibilty_Chart_lvr2.pdf dudeist skydiver #42
  8. Happy Birthday! Wherever you are. dudeist skydiver #42
  9. Yup. 37mm. But, weather here is terrible, so I didn`t jump it so far. dudeist skydiver #42
  10. I attached my filter like this: [inline IMG_20141203_093903.jpg] [inline IMG_20141203_093914.jpg] [inline IMG_20141203_094305.jpg] [inline IMG_20141203_094423.jpg] [inline IMG_20141203_094516.jpg] [inline IMG_20141203_094536.jpg] I used 1" PP pipe, cut it, made to fit snug. I could glue the filter directly, but instead I glued spacer ring so I can screw/unscrew filter when needed. This "adapter" fits very tight to the camera, it does not move at all. I plan to use it only with steady shot ON (120 degrees). Filter is not visible in the frame. With steady shot OFF, filter is visible, but jello is not an issue, so no need for filter. I also managed to get ND gel filter and plan to use it when filming with waterproof case. I have lots this filter (you only need 1" circle), so if anyone needs some, PM me. dudeist skydiver #42
  11. You must use SDXC (note the letter "X"). It allows exFAT file system. It is not about speed, because any class 10 card should handle the 50Mbits/sec XAVC S bitrate (10MBytes/second = 80Mbits/second). dudeist skydiver #42
  12. Here is one of the DIY methods of making filter holder, but without the waterproof case. Link: http://youtu.be/eWaZdTPt0LA dudeist skydiver #42
  13. Using ND filter to reduce jello: How to make it video here: http://youtu.be/L5o3m90zTQg Results video here: http://youtu.be/PgldwfAJB1s DSE mentioned this earlier. Seems to me that it works just fine (even with 4 f-stops lost and on overcast day like on that video). Now, does anyone have 4x4 inches of Neutral density lighting gel to spare? Sheet costs 5$ on BHphoto, but shipping it here is 120$ dudeist skydiver #42
  14. Apart from size, are there any benefits when compared to AS100? Compared to AS100, It`s lacking GPS, mic input, some pixel count, and settings adjustment directly on cam. None of that should matter too much in skydiving but it would suck not to be able to change some setting because battery in your remote went out of juice. dudeist skydiver #42
  15. Can you post some jump videos when you get to it? Raw camera files, not Youtube or Vimeo. dudeist skydiver #42