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  1. padraigbrowne

    Pants & Jacket vs. suit

    THEY SUCK ! Unless you have a harness or clips to connect the pants to jacket , the jacket will end up around your neck while belly flying or head up freeflying . Luckily I cant fly HD or the pants would probably end up around my ankles
  2. padraigbrowne

    Congrats Scotty B and Scott C

    any scores online yet ?
  3. padraigbrowne

    Removing an AAD

    Reserve has to be opened to access and remove the AAD . You could do it yourself , but why bother , you will need a rigger to repack it anyway . I would suggest you get a rigger to do it but watch him . Its a great way to learn about your gear
  4. padraigbrowne

    jump suit that looks like business suits
  5. padraigbrowne

    sharing tunnel time-> coach or not?

    The tunnel rats are great , but you end up paying full rate for the tunnel time . Many coaches buy time in bulk then resell the time to you at a much cheaper rate inc their coaching ( inc myself ) Im not trying to tout for business here but if you check the IPC facebook page , I have posted info about upcoming camps .
  6. padraigbrowne

    Skydive Jamaica - Does it Exist?

    AFAIK it operated successfully for about 3 months , then closed for no apparent reason ,
  7. padraigbrowne

    European Jumping (Holland & Ireland)

    For Ireland : The Irish Parachute Club is the biggest DZ in the country , its
  8. padraigbrowne

    stolen gear list from ireland

    9.Padraig Browne Javelin OJ #17164 DOM APR99 PD143R #18625 DOM Jan99 Main Cobolt 150 #I think serial no. 23530701
  9. padraigbrowne

    objects in ireland

  10. padraigbrowne

    Reliable company?

    I got some stuff from them a couple of years ago .OK but a little expensive
  11. padraigbrowne

    Skydiving in Offaly, Ireland

    there is a nice new bunk house on the DZ ,think its about €5 per night , Alternatively you can stay in Ma's B&B ,15 minutes walk from DZ but its within crawling distance of Richies pub