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  1. Nikon P900 or P1000 X83 and X125 optical zoom and excellent quality $500 & $1000 new . lots of P900 available used
  2. Same here , have an M2 and am happy with it , no problems . Maars have a long and good record with AAD's before the M2
  3. Dunkeswell in the UK did 279 in 1 day last week
  4. Nope nothing , only fun jump DZ is Irish Parachute Club ,
  5. LAS VEGAS -- Few, if any, action cam makers are in a better position than Sony to steal sizable market share from GoPro. And, with the new HDR-AS100V Action Cam announced at CES 2014, it looks set to do just that. The slim, ultracompact design is the same as its past Action Cam models, though it's now lighter weight and white, and this one includes a tripod mount. That last bit is important since the camera's shape doesn't allow it to stand up on its own and, with the AS100V being splashproof, it means you can mount the camera without a housing and use it in the rain and snow (though it comes with a housing, too). In front is a new premium ultrawide Zeiss Tessar lens that realizes 30 percent higher resolution with reduced aberrations (an issue with older models) and has a 170-degree viewing angle. Sony's also tweaked its image stabilization so that it automatically compensates for different movement such as when walking, biking, or driving. Behind the lens is a new 18-megapixel Exmor R BSI CMOS sensor and a high-performance Sony Bionz X processor. The combo lets you record at 1080p at 60fps in MP4, but can also record in Sony's XAVC-S format for 1080p60 movies with bit rates up to 50Mbps. The AS100V also supports shooting at 1080p24 and high-speed 720p video at 120fps and 240fps shooting with sound. For advanced users who want to do more than just point, shoot, and share, the camera has neutral and vivid color modes with the former allowing greater post-production flexibility. When recording in XAVC-S and working in Vegas Pro you'll be able see time code and user's bit data to make editing video from multiple cameras easier. Like its linemate, the AS30V, the AS100V has built-in Wi-Fi accompanied by NFC for fast pairing with NFC-enabled smartphones and tablets. It has built-in GPS, too, which can be used with Sony's PlayMemories Home software to overlay location or speed information onto your videos. The software will also allow you to create a split-screen composite for viewing the video from multiple cameras in a single clip. Sony's Live-View Remote (RM-LVR1), will also work with the AS100V and is being bundled with it as the HDR-AS100VR. The remote is basically a small waterproof color LCD that wirelessly connects to the camera. It can be used for setting up your shots as well as starting/stopping recordings and switching between photo/movie modes. It will also control up to five AS100Vs at the same time. With the addition of the AS100V, Sony now has three models in its lineup, with the $199.99 entry-level AS15 and the $299.99 midrange AS30. You'll be able to pick up the AS100V for $299.99 as well when it shows up in March, but for $399.99 you can pick up the AS100VR bundled with the Live-View Remote, which is the same price as GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition.
  6. Besides the horror of the TI's performance , am I right in saying that this video was posted by a rival DZ , the only other DZ on that small island , on the same airfield . I take it they dont get along "enjoy your skydive at PACIFIC SKYDIVING CENTER posted by skydivehawaii2"
  7. Are these new or is anyone using one , just saw em . Look very similarly spec to GoPro3
  9. A friend of mine had a Z1 fullface ripped off his head with the chinstrap closed , almost ripped his ear off . It will come off , just a question of minimising how much damage it does to your head or neck
  10. My instinct says the flyer should remain "still" as he is not physically connected to the ship , and the walls should bash into him But on the other hand , have you ever put a pinpong ball on the jet of a hair dryer and move it around , ball remains in center of air flow
  11. Have you considered going farther east ? Can be cheaper and better fun . We went to Estonia a few years ago , Ask Conor or Kadi for details . [/url][url]
  12. Have you thought about wind tunnel flying ? He can legally fly solo in the tunnel , and will be a natural flyer when he starts jumping at 16 .
  13. THEY SUCK ! Unless you have a harness or clips to connect the pants to jacket , the jacket will end up around your neck while belly flying or head up freeflying . Luckily I cant fly HD or the pants would probably end up around my ankles
  14. This has solved my problem too . Wouldnt connect before . Awesome little camera . Cant wait to see how it stands up to GoPro3.