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  1. Agreed, I was never able to get that slow or the distance again and I tried very hard over a number of years to duplicate that jump. I really think the wind coming at my shoulder had a lot to do with the results. I could definitely feel the push in the air and had to constantly fight to stay on a straight track. Blue skies, Jim
  2. thanks Blue skies, Jim
  3. Here are the big way 2012 events as shown by 05/03-05/06 P3 Big Way Camp 05/10-05/13 P3 100 Way Camp 05/16-05/20 P3 Spring Fling Invitational 05/25-05/28 40+ Masters Skills BW Camp 05/30-06/10 Aussie National Record 06/08-06/10 Heros 48-way Invitational 06/14-06/17 Ohio State Record 06/20-06/24 2012 VIP Sequentials 07/02-07/06 East-West Kaleidoscope Dives 07/06-07/08 Wright Stuff Invite II 07/06-07/08 2012 Oregon POPS State Record WRP 07/10-07/13 Siberian Express 2012 07/23-07/27 Euro Big Way Camp 2012 08/04-08/06 2012 Montana POPS Record 08/21-08/25 Baltic Sky Way 2012 08/24-08/26 Big Way Skills Camp Weekend 08/30-09/02 P3 Big Way Camp 09/06-09/09 P3 100-way Camp 09/21-09/23 40+ Masters Skills Big Way Camp 10/12-10/14 40+ Masters Skills Big Way Camp 10/10-10/13 POPS World Record (Deland) 10/19-10/21 2012 Texas POPS World Record Practice 12/05-12/09 2012 POPS World Record FS (Eloy) Remember all these events require preregistration and that you meet certain qualifications before being approved to participate. For additional information contact the event organizer or visit Blue skies, Jim
  4. gemini

    Your first car

    In 1965 my Dad bought me a 1961 Triumph TR-3 hard-top convertible. I had it painted metalflake dark red with a new black interior. Learned really fast that black seats were a no no in South Texas during the summer. Dad sold it while I was in basic training with the Army in 1967. Blue skies, Jim
  5. I once did 3.11 miles in a tracking contest from 13.5k from Hwy 521 next to the Spaceland DZ to the first house East of Hwy 288 at FM 1462 with a RW bootie suit. Had a wind from the SSE pushing against my right shoulder that kept trying to push me to the NNW. Vertical fall rate according to my protrac was 82Mph. Blue skies, Jim
  6. Blue skies, Jim
  7. I just can't believe she blames the airplane for flying over her house all day! Everyone knows if the airport would just move the runway it would solve her problem! Bad airport people pointing the airport at her airspace like that.... Blue skies, Jim
  8. Family, friends and being able to walk again! Blue skies, Jim
  9. Really enjoyed that! Thanks and blues. Blue skies, Jim
  10. It is easier to take existing customers, who already know skydiving, from demo jumpers than USPA working a marketing plan and approaching corporate sponsors and selling them on the idea. Just my 2 cents. Blue skies, Jim
  11. The best is Minnewaska Lodge(845) 255-11103116 Route 44 55, Gardiner, NY, but it is probably full for October since all the leaves are changing color. Your might look in New Paltz which are the closest motels: Econolodge, Roadway Inn & Suites, and Super 8. Good luck. It will be beautiful there in October. Blue skies, Jim
  12. I think most people who are injured go through phases of depression during their recovery period. I found that I would feel really good if the doctors gave me good news, but feel really rotten if they gave me bad news (extension of recovery step, delay in starting something new, etc.). I really enjoyed visiting the DZ, but you have to be very careful not to over do it. 2 hours was about my max at first. Finally I read Dan BC's book and it helped me get over the worst stuff. I highly recommend it. Blue skies, Jim
  13. Boo hoo I don't have a veterans designation therefore no one should have one. It may offend someone. When is this going to stop? Don't like it? Stay in CA and let TXns do what they think is better. Blue skies, Jim
  14. Note that Skydive Houston has moved to Eagle Lake, TX which is between Highway 59 and Interstate 10. Exit Wharton off 59 or exit Columbus off I-10. Blue skies, Jim