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  1. This is a great 182 dz. The instruction is top notch and a fun place to hang around. It is practically wide open landing areas so you don't have to worry about making it back on a long spot. Everyone is super friendly and will make you feel at home. I recommend it to everyone I know that is looking for a new small 182 DZ in the area.
  2. did you happen to change any settings in swoopware? maybe you clicked the interlace (i think thats what its called )on the photo tab?
  3. If you want some good ole 182 time, come to SDLA in gilliam, LA
  4. I get this question at the DZ every year, and my answer is usually the same. I'm sure you can fly the new canopy and land it safely 99% of the time. The time I worry about is that 1% that shit hits the fan and you aren't experienced enough to handle it. Are you ready for that responsibility for injuring yourself severely or even worse someone else? Take your time and learn the 150. It hurts alot less to screw up on a lighter WL than it does on higher WL. (Commen sense) If you plan on being in the sport for a good amount of time, you just need to slow down. The sad part is all instructors aren't good ones and can give you some terrible advice. I'll give you an example of a recent jumper. He was flying a sabre 210 and wanted to start flying something more aggressive. He showed up at the DZ and was flying a crossfire 2 169. After I found out I had a long talk with him about his choice and the reasons he went there. He still decided to keep jumping it. Got professional coaching at other dropzones and was doing pretty well with it. Fast forward about 100 jumps and that 1% came back and bite him in the ass. I'm still not sure how he didn't break himself but he walked away with a bruised ego and ended up taking a few weeks off to reconsider his canopy choice. Most people that make posts like this already made up their mind and it doesn't really matter what people think. They believe they are better than all the hot shots that enter the sport. Some make it, but most don't. good luck and best safe.
  5. Some people request them not to make it signature required.
  6. it's great! I think they are only closed on christmas. I'm sure Chuck can answer all the questions you want about spaceland. He organizes RW there almost every weekend (I think)
  7. if its not broke, don't fix it!
  8. I love my pilot! Opens so much better and thats what sold me on it. Flare is much different than a sabre but if you know that you will like the pilot
  9. I guess I'm a women because I still loving jumping my pilot after over 1000 jumps on them. You can't beat the openings on them and have no problem with the "Sweet" spot being deeper in the toggle stroke
  10. I had a w11 had a pilot 168 in it. It was tight, I didn't keep the 168 in it that long and switched to a pilot 150 and it was a better fit. Since the ZPX packs about a size smaller the 168 zpx should fit very good in the w11 What size reserve are you putting in it? If manufacture says w11, then go with that :)
  11. pinch the riser together and it should create a small pocket...Also make sure not to stow the tuck tab of the toggle in the front until you stowed the excess in the back. (Once the tab is stowed in the front it makes it even tighter to stow the excess) hope it makes sense
  12. my 1000th was getting out at 2k because there was something wrong with the plane...I'll remember that one pretty good
  13. yeap discontinued it earlier in the year to focus more on containers than parachutes. It's in the same class as the crossfire and katana if you wanted something to compare too
  14. I put around 200 jumps on a sabre 2 170, then switched over to a pilot 168 for 200 jumps and then put about 500 jumps on 2 different pilot 150's. The pilot has always opened slower than the sabre in my case. I absolutely loved the pilot because of the openings. I recently thought the openings couldn't get softer and slower but have put about 100 jumps on a chilli 130 and that bad boy opens WAY slower/softer than the pilot