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  1. TREEZ

    Who's Jumped a Strato Star ?

    First square jump , 1976. Tom Humes stratostar. Released the toggles but one line did not unstow as I didn’t pull hard enough. Spun then I steered straight , worked on the toggle and spun again while both hands were on the bad toggle. Steered straight. Repeat. Over the woods , looked down , said f#k this. Cutaway and backlooped , under the reserve coming out of the loop. Chopped it at 600 ft , only lost 80 ft. ( Toms reserve was fast, I watched him deploy twice. ) What could go wrong ? Young and fearless / dumb. ( Bought a Unit and had 200 good jumps, was my only reserve ride ever. )
  2. TREEZ

    Scotty Carbone

    Took the liberty to colour correct the Barish Sailwing pic posted by 33zulu
  3. More details here :
  4. At a press conference Thursday, Vern Jones, the lead investigator and publisher at Principa Media said that the man known as D.B. Cooper was actually Walter Reca, a former paratrooper in the U.S. military. Jones said Reca confessed his crimes to Laurin during a series of conversations, including one in 2008 that was recorded. During those conversations with Laurin, Reca detailed the flight path of the plane, how he escaped, and what he did with the money he was given. (There is a video of this press conference today , looks pretty solid unfortunately I can’t find the link I had )
  5. TREEZ