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  1. First square jump , 1976. Tom Humes stratostar. Released the toggles but one line did not unstow as I didn’t pull hard enough. Spun then I steered straight , worked on the toggle and spun again while both hands were on the bad toggle. Steered straight. Repeat. Over the woods , looked down , said f#k this. Cutaway and backlooped , under the reserve coming out of the loop. Chopped it at 600 ft , only lost 80 ft. ( Toms reserve was fast, I watched him deploy twice. ) What could go wrong ? Young and fearless / dumb. ( Bought a Unit and had 200 good jumps, was my only reserve ride ever. ) JUMP RUN 1979 movie is at
  2. Took the liberty to colour correct the Barish Sailwing pic posted by 33zulu JUMP RUN 1979 movie is at
  3. More details here : JUMP RUN 1979 movie is at
  4. At a press conference Thursday, Vern Jones, the lead investigator and publisher at Principa Media said that the man known as D.B. Cooper was actually Walter Reca, a former paratrooper in the U.S. military. Jones said Reca confessed his crimes to Laurin during a series of conversations, including one in 2008 that was recorded. During those conversations with Laurin, Reca detailed the flight path of the plane, how he escaped, and what he did with the money he was given. (There is a video of this press conference today , looks pretty solid unfortunately I can’t find the link I had ) JUMP RUN 1979 movie is at
  5. 1977 boogie I was one of very few jumping with a 16mm helmet camera at Zhills. In the C-47 Scotty wanted me to film his exit OFF THE WING ! He said ... " Tree , I'll climb out the little window onto the wing and when you go out the door I'll dive off the wing after you , just spin around and get me ". Somewhere over Dade city he squeezed out the window. There was oil all over the wing and poof ... Scotty was gone. He landed miles away from the dz and lost his wallet in freefall. Blue skies Scotty, you will be missed. JUMP RUN 1979 movie is at
  6. I found the owner , thanks. JUMP RUN 1979 movie is at
  7. I understand CF-ZNH was parked at Saint Mathias PQ in 2011 or 2012 minus the motors. If anyone knows if it is still there and can put me in touch with the owners please let me know. We jumped from it in the late 70's in Nova Scotia when we made the 1st Maritime ten man. My contact is : HEMSHAW at GMAIL Tnx JUMP RUN 1979 movie is at
  8. crustySCSA69 JUMP RUN 1979 movie is at
  9. Tom passed away at home in Halifax, NS on Oct 22, 2011 He was the first jumper I met in Nova Scotia in the late 1960`s, a friend to all with an infectious love of the sport. Tom was active in the New Brunswick and Nova Scotia jump scene and the godfather of jumping in NS. He was an instructer, drop zone operator and pilot, who got many of us started at the Waterville DZ. We had some great trips to ZHills and Deland for the boogies in the mid 70`s. Tom will be missed by many. Here are some links : JUMP RUN 1979 movie is at
  10. Thanks Mike. I think Crusty may have wandered over there in '75 to your DZ, not sure. some more trivia: Made the film from 1975 to 1979 with a 16 mm Bell and Howell spring wind camera model 240 (consumer model but it had pro guts inside ). Used a 10mm Switar C mount lens. It took a 100 ft load and ran for 52 secs, twice the time a Bolex could do. It weighed ten pounds and I was very glad to have enough footage after 80 camera jumps before my head fell off ! ( GoPros would have been a dream come true back then. ) JUMP RUN 1979 movie is at
  11. TREEZ


  12. Hi Rob ! Forgot about that, I still have the Unit ( and a Sierra ) in the attic. Yeah, it`s been fun getting this old piece of celluloid back in the air again. JUMP RUN 1979 movie is at
  13. Thanks for the comments everyone, keep them coming ! If anyone has CRUSTY's email address please forward it to me. He played " Cocaine Blues " 12 string guitar on the soundtrack. Tnx My email is : hemshaw at gmail JUMP RUN 1979 movie is at
  14. OK , here's the new thread for JUMP RUN: JUMP RUN 1979 movie is at
  15. Well, I made this film so what can I say . . . Finally got it into digital format that can be accessed online. I filmed mostly in Nova Scotia, Z-Hills and Deland. Some of you may even recognize yourselves and others you know. Enjoy this blast from the past ! Cheers. TREE My contact is : hemshaw at gmail youknowtherest. JUMP RUN 1979 movie is at