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  1. Sent in my Altitrack, Just received a new one free of charge. I don't know how they do it, but it's awesome! Thank you Mads @ L&B
  2. I tried on my new Icon I6 briefly before I gave it to my rigger for Inspection and re-pack. Overall all the rig fit great. One thing that stood out though was the location of the cutaway and reserve handles on the articulated harness. To me it seems the sit a little far back to the side as opposed to the front. (if that makes sense?) This is the first rig I've tried on other than rental gear so it's all I can compare it too. Does anyone perhaps know what Im talking about and can you share a pic of your Articulated harness showing the location of your handles. I should of tried it on in front of the rigger but he was in a hurry and I wont see him until this weekend. Thanx for your help
  3. 205 lbs 5'09'' 32'' inseam
  4. I feel I have pretty much exhausted every resource. I've looked at piecing things together from drop zones, classifieds, ebay, word of mouth, etc. Sometimes I get close but no cigar. Instructors at the two drop zones I jump from are always to busy to talk about gear and best options!! I realize the Master Rigger at my local DZ would be the best go to guy. However he is not on my speed dial. So at the risk of ridicule I'm posting here in hopes that you fine folks can shed some light on my situation. I'm 205 with clothes on plus gear whatever that is? probably 25 lbs or so. I'm currently under a 220 canopy and feel confident with that canopy. So in my novice opinion I'm thinking about the Icon I6 jamming a 210 in it ZPX if needed. Then downsizing as time and experience progress. I should be able to downsize twice. Would that make the expense of new gear worth it. Longevity ( bang for the buck)
  5. I have spent the last few months looking for a nice used rig with no success. I guess I'm too picky! So, I'm going new. Looking at the Icon pro I6 with all the bells and whistles, Pilot 210 and smart 190. I'm Thinking this will allow me to get the most bang for my buck as far as down sizing goes. Would I be correct? Helpful advice only please. Also, should I expect to pay MSRP or is there deals to be had?
  6. I weigh 205. My Altitrack had me at an average speed of 133 mph and 144 mph max speed on my last dive. Mostly belly flying with some tracking. Thats fast.
  7. So If I have an altitrack have it set to SAS.???
  8. that's pretty much what I was going after....roughly.
  9. Whats the average speed of a skydiver in the belly to earth position? Expressed in feet per second. How long does it take to reach terminal? (belly to earth) How long does it take fall 1k feet? (belly to earth) thanks for any reply's
  10. Is there anybody out there free flying with a talon 2? Have you had any problems or concerns?
  11. Thanks for the reply. Sure would like to get in-touch with these skydivers and see if they needed some gas money???
  12. I'm not leaving from LAX. I'm leaving from Maui OGG and I was just looking for a cheaper way. Thanx though!!!
  13. The only requirements Before I went to Altitude was a drop zone debriefing, A license, be current and no winds over 15 mph. The water training I got with my A license was apparently enough.
  14. So why is there no Skydiving on Maui?? And is there any skydivers here chartering flights to Oahu for A weekend of skydiving...