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  1. Skydive Chelan in Chelan,WA is holding the 4th annual Helicopterama May 5-7th! There will be turbine Jet rangers and R-44 Helicopters, free beer, loads to 6k for $55!
  2. Skydive Chelan Is hosting the 3rd Wingin' Swoopin' Helicopterama April 29- May1st! Jet ranger, R-44 and fixed wing as well! 509-881-0687
  3. Skydive Chelan is holding its 3rd annual SkyFest Oct 2-4th! Turbines, helicopters, Biplane, free beer, and more chelanagans! Camping, bunkhouses available! Skydive Chelan 201 Airport Way Chelan, WA 98816 509-881-0687
  4. Skydive Chelan is holding its 2nd annual SkyFest Oct 3-6th! Turbines, helicopters, Biplane, free beer, and more chelanagans! Camping, bunkhouses available! Skydive Chelan 201 Airport Way Chelan, WA 98816 509-881-0687
  5. Skydive Chelan in Washington state is holding courses on these dates: USPA Static-line instructor course: April 25-27th USPA UPT tandem instructor course: May 30th-June 1st If interested, contact Todd at Skydive Chelan (509)881-0687
  6. TVHigley

    NW SkyFest

    If you are in the great North West this weekend, you don't want to miss out on the "NW SkyFest" at Skydive Chelan! or
  7. TVHigley

    Skydive Chelan

    Skydive Chelan offers a view like no other! Experienced jumpers can enjoy full altitude or hop-n-pop skydives out of our fixed wing or rotor aircraft, that’s right…chopper, baby, chopper! All experienced skydivers must be USPA Members, hold a B license or higher and adhere to all USPA requirements. Please call ahead for slot availability. We cater to advanced flying skills, wingsuits, and canopy piloting. Rental gear is available. Bring your USPA card, logbook, your in-date gear and check in with manifest to sign our waiver form. Manifest will provide an instructor to give a drop zone briefing and check your gear.
  8. I just moved to the Big Island and heard from a local that they saw a jump from my favorite B over here. The jump was made last month. If anyone knows who this was (female), please have her get in contact with me. I thought I was all alone over here! -Todd
  9. I am looking for anyone who new him and what he jumped in the State of Washington. We have jumped many sites in this State and give them names. We then here others giving Steve credit for jumping them first. I would like any info so we can give credit where credit is due. -TODD
  10. Hey Tom- Did you get the rights from the photographer to release this picture to the world?
  11. TVHigley

    Coming home

    Welcome back brother!! I would love to take you out on a nice BASE adventure soon. Give me a call when you have some time. -TODD
  12. TVHigley

    Incident in Wa. ?

    Our brother was flying a wing suit and was unable to out fly the tallus. More details will be given at a later date. RIP Brother, I will miss you. -TODD
  13. Snohomish has 4,500. load three is taking off.
  14. Hey Doug- Good to hear your enjoying life up north! I should be good to get back into the swing of things in a month or so. i would love to join you with jumping some new walls. I have a few new ones myself. I wonder if we have had our eye on any of the same walls. Oh yeah, I heard you got to jump the big one down here!! It is about time!! That one didn't seem to like you !! Congrats! C-Ya soon -TODD