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  1. Zenister

    Skydive White Sands

  2. Zenister

    mobile version

    Besides You Don't get page view revenue counts when viewed from home...pop-up and ad blockers work on standard browsers
  3. Zenister

    Why don't skydiver's like Vegas Style Tunnels?

    think of it this way.. sure you can get just as drunk and enjoy yourself with pale watery beer instead of well crafted microbrews, but why would you if you had the choice? with modern high speed tunnels popping up everywhere in the world why bother with the last generations substitutes?
  4. Zenister

    All In at Skydive Mesquite

    Nice! i sooo need to get back there....the gambling is fun too
  5. Zenister


    Sean McCormic still teaches Skysurfing to interested jumpers, I believe he is at a FL dropzone.. I think there are 1 or 2 at Perris as well.
  6. Zenister

    SkyVenture NH is the next level

    why the "step backward" with flat walls? everyone i've talked to LOVES the rounded walls of Eloy...more expense perhaps but the lack of 'wasted space' in the corners makes up for it...
  7. Zenister

    gone for a year

    best wishes (really) for that date being accurate... or better yet moved up.
  8. Zenister

    Is freeflying free of obligation...

    enjoying yourself IS accomplishing a goal.. everyone does not always share the same goal...
  9. Zenister

    THey did it!!!! JFTC

    yup.. was a bit early...
  10. Zenister

    A "humbling" experience

    same as any other form of skydiving.. relax, breathe and dont try so hard... its amazing how fast you'll 'click' once you stop fightng the wind, trying to hold a stiff position and relax into the basic position.. also.. small movements and inputs are VERY helpful...
  11. Zenister

    Skyventure Az on news

    some good clips... Ray is laughing his ass off as always rotflmao.. and Neil is trying to pick up the anchor woman on live TV...
  12. hard to say without seeing video, but you might be doing the classic 'potato chip' and if so it is generally caused by being to rigid with your body position.. you have to learn to breath and relax into your arch.. stable does not equal stiff
  13. Zenister

    Cross country ground launch swooping

    Mt Baker WA.... particularly some of the back country.....i shouldnt be giving them the props as some of the owners are complete asshats, but i wish i had the skills to try....
  14. Zenister

    Eloy or Marana

    Noooooo contest.. Eloy.