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  1. *sigh* Amazon, Amazon, just don't ever accept things for what they really are do you? Your attempt to bash the DZ that "bumped" you off for good, really is getting old hat. You need to find something new to complain about. Of course, the DZ that you are referring to isn't anything like that now, if it was at all in the first place. See, we have a really cool new Grand Caravan that goes up with as little as 6 jumpers, or as mixed as birdman, tandems, rw, freefly at 2 different landing areas on the same jump run. Of course, you wouldn't know that, would you. As for the DZ that was started last year......its as good as done for the most part. The attempt to start the DZ with a turbine didn't work out so well after all. Especially when you don't advertise good enough to even fill the plane with tandems. Then again, if you didn't even have enough TI's or tandem rigs to do the job in the first place. It is too bad the place didn't work out, I loved the plane and spaceball jumps there. Good vibe, cheap slots, awesome turbine....but poor management. Hence why it failed. Moral to the story here is, a DZ that caters more to the up jumpers, than they do the tandems (where the sustainable money is), will either struggle to exist, or fail completely. It's too bad the the Israeli DZ has pulled the punch they did. Hopefully they will reconsider their approach and find a solution that works for everyone.
  2. To all of you that consider this chicken jump as a truely "cruel" treatment, you need to pull your head out of the sand. Wake the fuck up, and realize how much of a hypocrite you are. I'm not saying that I condone the chicken jump....but since I eat chicken and all types of meat....I sure as hell aren't going to jump this dude's shit. That would make me a complete fucktard, and a lemming. Which are you? (not directed at bodypilot) Truth:
  3. Pretty amazing shit for anyone, let alone a new jumper. Too bad Mile-High will suck the life out of him like meth to a crack whore, leaving him with no desire to ever jump again. Anyone that smart will take his talent to a place that cares about their jumpers and will foster his natural abilities.
  4. Damn....when mdrejhon sees this, he'll need to change his shorts..... SSsssspooink!
  5. Hey, shouldn't he get a Canadian tunnel coach? Like Lemay?
  6. Yes......I am all knowing.... And what I know is that advice on is about as useful as a handfull of poop. You can rarely count on the verbal diarrhea being either useful, or accurate. How's that for an invaluable source of priceless advice? Talk less, jump I'll agree 100% with that....
  7. Have you ever known what you are talking about when it comes to skydiving? Talk less, jump more. There's a reason we were born with 2 ears and 1 mouth.
  8. So, I'm just curious here.....why is it that you prefer a Canadian tunnel coach as compared to a tunnel coach of any other nationality? Does it really matter that much to limit yourself to a small handful of coaches, based solely on their citizenship? I find it quite narrow minded and you are, in fact, not going to get the best coaching based on those parameters. What's next....your coach has to be Canadian and gay as well? I really think the self-imposed segregations of our sport goes against what I find is quite possibly the most incredible part of our sport...the diversity of people and cultures without having to define ourselves at every opportunity. We are all skydivers.
  9. So, it seems that things are being resolved with this issue, but I do have a question for those of you that have talked with him lately. What was the reason given for your purchase not being shipped and your contact efforts denied? With some saying that their credit card reversal was fought by Max......this just doesn't make much sense. I'm sure there are a lot of jumpers out there that will never do business with this company again, and unless some amazing set of circumstances created these problems, I'm sure it will stay this way.
  10. Post deleted. Do not use this forum to attack others. Your one warning.
  11. Dude, Yeah, you should have not even said anything to begin with. I am going to state the obvious here, but you do NOT have even remotely enough experience to comment on right and wrong here. For someone with your experience, you should really know that you don't have enough of a foundation for skydiving, or swooping for that matter to make the statements you have made. I cannot believe that you are going to argue with Iwan, the deceased's friend, an accomplished skydiver and a first hand witness. Take a step back and realize how ludicrous that is. Now I dont know you personally, but I know several new jumpers that have the same kind of demeanor, and their future as a skydiver will not be what it could if they just talked less and listened more. You in fact DID state that Tom flew some kind of wrong pattern, so don't even try to back out of that one dude. Have you even been to Eloy at a boogie? Have you ever even been at a boogie that required a planned landing pattern due to a high load of jumper traffic? Have you ever been to a boogie at all? I understand that you are trying to do damage control, but man up and admit that you have said things which you have ABSOLUTELY no business doing. I have been following this thread since the incident, and reserving any kind of disagreeable comment for anyone. There are a couple posters here that have made some insensitive comments, but unfortunately, their comments are for the most part, ring true. Who am I to argue with a person that has thousands more jumps of experience and 3 times the years in the sport if what they are saying is for the most part correct? I called a buddy that jumps at your DZ just to make sure about some things. You have NO swooping background at all. You cant honestly believe even what you are have no foundation for you comments, and you are embarrassing yourself. The only thing I would like to ask here, is, was there a division of the main landing area for straight in, and HP landings like there has been at the boogies I have attended there in the past? Usually the peas split the landing area with HP landings going on towards the beer line side of the landing area. Was this the case at this last boogie as well? What I have been able to gather from all the accounts is that the near collision happened pretty much right down the middle, where the 2 area's would be invisibly split. Am I right in this, or was the near miss on one side or the other. Couple years ago, at the Holiday Boogie, I was standing at the fence, beer line side, and witnessed a straight in pilot come right down the beer line side and be overtaken by a swooper that flew underneath him and gift wrapped him. This left straight in dude with compound fracture of his ankle, as I his primary health care provider until the medics got there. I never understood why pilots go to the wrong side of the landing area for their particular style. And this goes both ways, HP pilots on the north side as well.
  12. Should I take your silence as a no? I have tons of footage, no only from myself, but from many friends good stuff. Unfortunately, those like myself that put alot of money and effort into paying for my equipment, my jumps, collecting video, and editing it on my $2500 computer. I cannot just give it away to someone else that is going to make money on it just so I can have a "kudo". Honestly, to me....its not very polite to ask for something for free to make money on it, and then not even have the decency to reply.
  13. Hello, Does the editors or the movie offer any compensation for video's sent? Of course you will plan on charging at least $20 per disk for this.....and what are you prepared to give back to the jumpers that already spent waaaayyyyy too much money on the commericalized boogie. Thanks.
  14. I think he meant.....will there be gays, or lesbians there. If just lesbians....maybe more of a male straight men only....well....not so much... But I could be wrong. Aside from that...I don't understand why you have to have a seperate event....were all skydivers in the end. I personally don't give a shit if one or more of the guys in a freefly formation is gay or not if they can fly, but I more than likely would not attend an event that is tailored to just gays..... It just seems counterproductive to the cause. The more you try to be separate, the more differently you will be treated.
  15. Heh, I usually follow that creed....but sometimes, I let comments get to me. Either way, I'm done with this's impossible to discuss with those of a closed mind.