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  1. Woh....wait a minute. Whining for the lenses? This guy takes my money, has no intention of sending me what I paid for, and I am the whiner?? F that. Not getting re-elected is no excuse for ripping off fellow skydivers. Refund the f-ing money or send the product that we paid for. I have no sympathy for the guy at all. What he did (or didn't do) is messed up and it is a horrible way to treat fellow skydivers. Its also a horrible way to do business. It has been a giant pain to try and get my money back and I still don't have my money or my lens. So don't expect me to feel bad for Max. He is not the victim. All of his customers are the victims. He can suggest other lenses all he wants, but that doen't get my money back. Why doesn't he step up and apologize for himself and refund money and do the right thing?
  2. My god.... Yes, I am talking about Max Cohn and Royal Lens. It sounds like a lot of people have been through the same thing with this guy. I really don't get it. I am in the process of denying the charge to my credit card. But I also really wanted a .3 lens. I guess I will get a cookie .29 lens. But I have no idea what quality it is. I have seen the diamond .3x and I liked it and what it captured. I am very disappointed that I did not get my lens which I ordered months ago, and I am also very disappointed that a skydiver (and a famous one at that) would treat fellow skydivers like this. Its bad business deals like these that make it hard to trust anyone. Well, thanks to those who replied so I don't feel like I was singled out by this guy. I sure wish we could force that Royal Lens order site to be taken down. But I have no idea what that entails. I have report the company to the Better Business Bureau (but I doubt it will have any impact). I know that I certainly won't be having any Generation Freefly events at my dropzone.
  3. I ordered a wide angle lens thru a company that is rather well known in the skydiving community and the lens never came. I was charged for the lens and when I try and contact the company, no one replies to my emails or my phone messages. The owner of that company is a very well known skydiver and so I am confused as to how this could have happened. Has anyone else had similar problems? My lens was ordered back in mid November, and it is now almost mid January and still no lens. It takes a while to dispute charges thru my bank. I would be interested to know if this is an isolated incident or not.
  4. My question is this, if you have been wronged by a skydiver in a business transaction and this person owns or represents a business, is it against the rules to mention this as a warning to others who might do business with this individual?