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  1. I think the DZ already lost over half a million in legal costs to see this thru, the amount she paid is just icing on the very expensive cake. She could have bankrupted (and did) smaller DZs.
  2. Bill, congrats and thanks for your involvement in our sport. If I was in Deland I would be part of your jump.
  3. Ok, in 3 minutes, it appears the idea is a losing one... Wonder why? Since I said the offiical record would remain the largest group, why not track a 2nd record of the largest local group? Other than paperwork nightmare.
  4. Nice audio content... Good reminders/concepts to learn. However, the video track is completely unrelated to the audio track... (Video of sitflying and head down freefly while discussing digging out on brakes when under canopy). I ended up minimizing the window as it was nearly impossible to think about or process concepts like "pitch before roll" while watching head down freefly. ;-) Perhaps re-edit to have illustrations of the concepts you are trying to educate on (videos, slides, graphics, images), so the video tool will be more useful???
  5. tdog

    Student radios

    If you want "commercial grade radios" - I like these: We have about 30 in my business and my employees abuse them 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. They just work and work and work. Yet they are cheap enough to throw away when they fail, whereas the next model up is 3X the cost. At my home DZ, we put the more expensive radio by motorola on the student's cheststrap in a custom sewn case. I know some people that mount radios to helmets, but I wonder, if a GoPro is a snag hazard for a student, would not a radio be the same? I would love a blue tooth speaker that could be mounted in the helmet that would connect to the radio... But then again, it would be just one more thing to fail.
  6. tdog

    Customer Service from Mfgr

    Wow... I just sent my PD Katana back to PD for a reline. They called me the day after it arrived with an inspection report, quote, and timetable. They promised it would be done in about a week and said it would ship on a certain date. I got an email from the shipper on that date saying it was shipped. I thought - what a wonderful company that can plan out a week ahead and deliver exactly as promised. That is why I am a loyal PD fan.
  7. I was not tested by Dave DeWolf... I was not required to identify materials as an area of operation/task... In fact, I just reviewed the practical test standards and cannot find (quick glance) any one task in any area of operation where the examiner could ask for identification of random materials as a question in and of itself.... I am sure the examiner could fail any task where the applicant could not identify the material used in the task.... Does Dave DeWolf ask material identification? Under which task/area of operation? What type of materials?
  8. There is no such thing as a system that fails, just people who fail to use the system successfully. At the root of any failing student is a failing instructor. And as an AFF instructor I can say I never have done SL, but the students who are the ones who have gone far are the ones who don't stop asking questions after AFF level 7. Maybe over 20 SL jumps an instructor could force feed info to students with greater frequency, but I never have been a big fan of force feeding. I have seen students do amazing things in AFF. One of the most memorable - I was teaching a college student and her brother was an AFF-I from another DZ. I allowed him to lurk the dive. After all her maneuvers, she flew to him, smiled, and "blew a kiss" as she would to a family member before leaving on a vacation, right before pulling. Another AFF student, with very little tunnel time, turned 5 RW points with me on his level 6 skydive. Another, on his 17th jump, a coach jump, turned 18 points with three other instructors, and we gave him the hard slots including the outfacing phalanx where he had to look over his shoulder and slide into his slot backwards - and we did not chase him. His 18th jump we did some blocks, just because it was time to introduce levels and cross referencing. We did not forget canopy skills either. (Although I will admit this is a weak link in AFF) Almost every student I take up on a level 7 can do some pretty amazing things considering they only have a few minutes of freefall. In some cases, it is the same weekend as when they did their FJC. I wonder, with Static Line, where would they be? How many weekends? Would they be able to turn many RW points on their 17th jump (which is only important as it is a great achievement that gives them enjoyment)? My ONLY fear about AFF is the cost and that it is sometimes marketed in a way that gives people the impression "I can't do that". If someone wants coaching, advice, help, or knowledge - they will get it. But the student has to want to learn. And if they don't want to learn, it is sad when they get hurt for poor skills - but sometimes pain is a wonderful teacher, especially when someone doesn't think they need teaching. My two cents.
  9. tdog

    heading changes while tracking

    I look the direction I want to go, far out on the horizon, and my body goes there. Most minor corrections, per what you asked, are done with such small movements that all you have to do is "think it" or "look where you want to go" and the rest just happens.
  10. Dirt, oxidation, and concentrated funk. The same stuff you get in your belly button and ears if you don't clean them out... A rigger can clean it out when repacking.
  11. tdog

    AFF Newbie Tunnel Time

    How about you train yourself to look at the clock in the tunnel every few seconds and keep track of time. If you look at the clock and it is not what you expected, then analyze why... Altitude awareness is not about 1 minute blocks - it is about looking often at the altimeter. You might get out of the aircraft at 9,000 feet some day soon - 1 minute = underground at 9,000 feet...
  12. tdog

    Popups and Trojans

    Yes, it is linked to the Coors add. I got all sorts of popups and weird stuff...
  13. tdog - NEW tunnel in Moscow

    So simular that they use photos of the Bedford tunnel in their "media" section?
  14. tdog

    Storm vs. Spectre

    I put 4 jumps on a 135 (loaded 1.7). I found the canopy to be a little more sporty with more range on the controls and a real nice flare. Openings very nice. Lots of range on the toggles before stall. Very zippy turns. Two of my landings were with a 180ish front riser. I got a pretty nice plane out too. I think you should demo one... I know if I was looking for a 7 cell I would get the Storm over the Spectre. Heck, I would have gotten the Storm over my Sabre 2 that I use for wingsuiting. Also, I don't think any other manufacture can compete in this arena, PD has a real unique product.