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  1. Better yet, live stream it in case you don't get a chance to post it.
  2. Thanks for all the replies! My bike is an SV650, so there's limited rear seat surface area; I could theoretically strap my rig down long-ways (as opposed to across the back) in a bag, with the helmet bungee-netted on top of that. Alternatively, a side-ways tail bag could work if it's big enough. I'm looking at this bag from Wolfman:, but I'm worried it will hang down too low and contact the tail pipe - no bueno. For those of you suggesting actually wearing a bag on my back, it sounds like the right move is to put the weight on the seat as opposed to the shoulder straps, right? If that's the case, is the fact that the bag is then looser not an issue w/ shifting around? I have a great backpack that fits my rig and it has a waist strap as well that I use when traveling, but a) I'm an hour and a half from my DZ and b) I'd be worried about the bag shifting weight around unless I tightened the straps (putting the weight on my shoulders, and probably leading to some discomfort after an hour+ of riding). As for a BASE stash bag - having done my fair share of hiking with one on my back, I think I'll avoid that. They definitely shift around, and those straps are not built for comfort, that's for sure. Thoughts?
  3. Hey guys, I know plenty of people ride bikes to the dz, but it looks like most tail bags are too small for my rig + helmet + misc gear - has anyone found one that works? Or improvised a setup that gets the job done (is safe to ride with). Tips, pictures, etc. greatly appreciated.
  4. Hey guys, New to the forums & to video editing. Having trouble figuring out the ideal settings to stabilize shaky GoPro footage in Premiere and/or After Effects. There's plenty of info online about the Warp Stabilizer effect, but nothing I've tried works, and the tweaking/rendering/tweaking/rendering process takes forever. Anyone have settings they use that work well? Bonus Question: Is there a way to take an effect like Warp Stabilizer with custom settings and export it to Media Encoder to do batch edits? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Awesome, thanks DSE. Any other DZs in the area you recommend checking out while I'm there? Anything within a few hours' drive from Gold Coast is fair game.
  6. Hi Guys, I'll be living in Australia for a few months this fall (spring?) and haven't been able to find much information online about what I need to do regarding my license in order to make sure I'm ready to jump. I hold a USPA B license; is there a process I need to complete to receive an APF license, or will I be able to jump under that USPA certification? Does anyone have any experience with this? Figured I'd ask here before calling the DZ I plan on jumping at (still not sure on that; thinking Byron Bay) Thanks!