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  1. billy, did you say you nominate Mark shimell to drown them? sorry............ sick burn
  2. it was totally fine the harness was custom built to fit the body shape of the chicken. This way the pressure was distributed evenly across the chicken skeletal structure. the wings were fine. birds have a rotary type joint that gives the wings a huge range of motion. The wings never past 90 degrees from the lateral line of the chickens rib cage. 120 degrees is the limit for that particular direction of flexion. The jumpers consulted with a avian specialist before attempting and designing the harness. from what i hear the rooster is back in the barn yard and has scored with more hens than ever before. Animals have rights!!!!......The right to do bad ass stunts.
  3. check out the chicken make a wish foundations video they take chickens that are meant to be slaughtered and rescue them. Then they take them on awesome adventures, giving them something to live for and making chicken dreams come true. search for chicken jump...............this touching video brought a tear to my eye.