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  1. DexterBase

    Bridle/PC Combination

    Pin to pilot chute.
  2. Will wingsuit pilots with other brand wingsuits be welcome to join in the skills camp? Sounds great! What's the cost to register?
  3. DexterBase

    Let it be known....

    Oh man...
  4. DexterBase

    laser range finder?what's the standard?

    The Bushnell Yardage Pro has been serving BASE jumpers well for a long time. Choose how much you want to spend, what features, and get the model that you like. I think lasers are not necessary items for BASE jumpers, but if you buy one, you'll wonder how you got by without it. I know when I got mine I drove around and lasered everything. Now it stays in my car so there's no, "hmmm... I wonder how tall that thing is....?" One interesting game to play is to try your best to estimate the height of an object before you laser it. Estimate as best you can, and then shoot it with the laser. Eventually, it will make you better at estimating heights and someday if you find yourself without a laser, your estimations will be closer.
  5. DexterBase

    Motion Sensors

    Go to google, type in "motion detector" and then click "Images"
  6. DexterBase

    Closing pins for Shannon

    I would like one. I miss her...
  7. DexterBase

    Re: Nick's list

    The list is compiled from reports that find their way to Nick. If a fatality is not reported to the media or fails to reach Nick through other channels, it won't appear on the list. I wouldn't be suprised if there have been fatalities that never found their way onto the list. There are people jumping all over the world, not all of whom regularly use the internet. If there was a small crew that experienced a fatality and had no reason to report it to the global BASE community, it's not outside the realm of possibility that it would stay under the radar. Also, the list isn't entirely in chronological order.
  8. DexterBase

    The Why of Rock Dragon

    Have you had a chance to jump a BlackJack yet?
  9. DexterBase

    Superterminal Copies

  10. DexterBase


    I don't know. I sent an email to the poster.
  11. DexterBase (travel insurance)

    What was the total on your claim?
  12. DexterBase

    Stowed or Handheld for new Meat?

    First BASE jump ever?
  13. DexterBase

    Thanks to Mr. 460

    You're rad Amanda!
  14. DexterBase

    "Stunt Junkies"

    Might have to check this one out. Is Iiro involved?