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  1. I'm just sharing the link... thanks for noting that it is serious. Safety is everyone's business.
  2. I pop in here once a month and raise hell, otherwise a daily check of email, eBay, and barnstormers is all I get. .....Anyone associated with '' needs to get out more. I dont need to know when my friends take a dump. Is it illegal to yell "MOVIE" in a crowded firehouse?
  3. Hypochrisy - FoxNews's own "unprecedented access" I love being lectured to by people who cannot spell. Is it illegal to yell "MOVIE" in a crowded firehouse?
  4. Oh My!!! Another thing that the party of tolerance cannot tolerate... Is it illegal to yell "MOVIE" in a crowded firehouse?
  5. we were doing alright without y'all. Feel free to hit the road, I think I-75 North is a good start. Is it illegal to yell "MOVIE" in a crowded firehouse?
  6. Here's the poop.... MTV bought out the Nashville Network and promptly shit canned it. Then they focused all the attention on CMT... Rock & Roll with a Cowboy Hat on. Throw in a couple of bubble-gum little twits with fake titties like Taylor Swift, and Kelly Pickler, and you have the lowest common denominator all ready for the stupid listening masses. None of these people can sing outside of the studio and digital enhancements. I lived in Nashville, toured the world and played professionally for 20 years. Dont get me started...... Long live Merle Haggard. Is it illegal to yell "MOVIE" in a crowded firehouse?
  7. FixFly


    Private SEL... I restore vintage aircraft and dabble in Experimentals. Been flying since age 8, soloed at 16, still cant get enough at 47. Without skydivers, I'm still a pilot. Without a pilot, you guys are just pedestrians. I crack myself up.
  8. I'd rather step in dog shit and track it across the living room carpet, than smell a f'ing kitty litter box.
  9. My apologies. My participation in this thread was not meant to 'cause problems'. I will take your advice and just let it go.
  10. Never claimed to be an expert, I said 'observation'. Funny how some folks can only argue a point by changing the language of the counterpoint ahead of time. Now, leave me alone.
  11. Its pretty easy to make your point when you jump from dicipline / spanking to BEATING. Raise 'em how ever you want, let 'em learn about consequences in their teens, when the pay-off isnt a red ass, but rather a pregnant girlfriend or death by automobile. Since you are of the party of tolerance... try to tolerate my opinion without arguing with the Internet. Its merely an observation by someone who has worked with kids from many situations.
  12. .....and the wussification of the next generation continues... good luck with the brats...