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  1. Amazing photo ... I recently relaized that I got caught up so much with "life" that I haven't found myself in the position to experience a single sunset this Summer ... this picture reminds me of what I've been missing ...
  2. I have experienced it a few times and I found it to be incredibly fascinating. Basically, at some point in the dream I realized I’m dreaming … if it was something pleasant, I would go along with it and modify it to my liking. If it was something unpleasant, I would take action to end it. A few times I woke up from a pleasant dream, felt disappointed since I didn’t want it to end, fell back asleep and continued it. The mind is an interesting thing.
  3. Ha ... of course; did you think they'll want you just for your ability to do those "odd jobs"?
  4. A lot of the posts reek of jealousy. Many of us could only dream of having the skills (and the balls) to do the insane things this guy does. The fact is, he hit the ground – in freefall (no canopy) mind you – and got away with just two broken ankles; Jeb – 1, Death – 0. On the other hand, anyone else finds it curious that the video of the accident has suddenly become “private”/unavailable?
  5. I'm just starting that process myself ... I so DO NOT look forward to the certain impending frustration . O
  6. Going against my better judgment and persuaded with the “age is just a number” argument, I tried it … 12 years difference; it lasted almost 2 years, but it has been a constant god damn struggle. Personally, I’d be VERY reluctant to attempt this again, but that’s not to say it wouldn’t work for another set of people. (He was way to “willy-neely” and carefree for 26 and I was way to “got my shit figured out” and responsible for 38 … and we couldn’t figure out how to close that gap.) O
  7. OlympiaStoica


    Gorgeous pictures ... thanks for sharing.
  8. Based on the answers here, note to self: never date a skydiver (again) ... or never date one that frequents this site ...
  9. "None of the above" ... I actually don't know what the best way to break up is ... and I completely suck at it. For instance, I broke up with my bf about 5 months ago ... but he still shows up at my house most weekends ... He clearly doesn't believe me ... O
  10. Gorgeous box ... I would certainly be one to appreciate such a thoughtful gift by itself, but if you feel inclined to be even more generous, I'd go for the computer. I am a "girly girl" and love jewlery, but I'm also practical ... she'll get much more use out of her computer. You know her best ... would she appreciate a romantic gift more (earings) or a practical gift (computer)?
  11. LOL ... loved it ... I genuinely had a good laugh at this ... O
  12. I don't care ... stop responding to my posts ... disappear already. And since I'm not 20, a size 6, nor (to quote someone else on here) would I touch you with a 10 foot pole, you can stop that "poking" on Facebook. I am in no fucking way interested ... one bit ... at all ... nada ... zilch ...
  13. Can I take you to dinner? A yes would gaurantee me a second date! Yes ... Remember, kids: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=199115;search_string=pimp%20fees;#199115 Now ... lets not jump to any conclusion ... I said "yes" to dinner ... there is no "pimping" going on here :)
  14. WooHoo! So ummmmm... do you happen to be going down to Florida in the next few months? I see you are going to Nicaragua also! hey, will you stop hitting on "my" girl, please!? Lay off the hallucinogens VB … you are losing touch with reality … again ...