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  1. Passed away Thursday, July 22, 2021 from cancer. He was 85 years old 46,355 jumps Gonna a long time before someone beats that total
  2. I know the B-17 Flying Fortress nine-o-nine occasionally tours and can take passengers. I got to ride in and jump from the bomb bay doors about 6 years ago when it came to Donnegal Springs PA I don't know what their touring schedule is, but I know it's one of only a few B-17s that are still airworthy Maybe look up nine-o-nine and see what's what __ My mighty steed
  3. I was born in 1964 Signed, Ancient Chris __ My mighty steed
  4. I got my first Fat Boy before I knew how to ride. Learned on it. Never dropped it. __ My mighty steed
  5. Howdy all, I haven't posted on here in almost 6 years. Took a long break from skydiving for a number of reasons. Mostly lost my taste for living following some deaths in my family starting with both my parents about 5 years ago, and more recently my son Chris, who passed about 16 months ago from an overdose of fentanyl at the age of 24. I got old in my mind, got fat in my body, and pretty much lost any interest life while watching my sons struggle with the same demon (addiction) that nearly took me out 23 years ago. My other son Jake continues to struggle with the same addiction and it all just got to be too much. All I could do was get through each day and not lose all hope. Ironically, my sons death 16 months ago was kind of the impetus to rejoin the world of the living. About 6 months following his death it was anyone guess if I was going to get through it, but I decided at that time that it was not going to end me and I began a slow but steady trek back to the world of the living. I have gotten myself back in shape physically, found some new passions, and re-kindled some old ones. Since it had been a number of years, and I'm not any younger than I was before, I traded up my Pilot 168 for a ZPX Pilot 188, got my CYPRES services, reserve repacked, renewed my license and membership, and got my sorry ass back into the sky for the first time two weeks ago and DAMN it was good to be back. Funny though, I'm kind of regretting the upsize. While I was considerably heavier when I decided I wanted to get back int he air, I'm actually lighter now than i was when i was still jumping the 168 and kind of wishing I hadnt been so cautious. Well, i suppose my knees will thank me some day ;) Anyway, I see some new names, and a lot of familiar ones too. Going to the boogie tomorrow and Sunday at Cross Keys and hope to make a ton of jumps. Good to be back among the living and back in the sky :) In retrospect, perhaps I should have posted this in the bonfire... __ My mighty steed
  6. You'll feel even more free when you start flying without instructors holding you, although from that video didnt look like they had to use much effort. Ive seen some AFF video's where I'm sure the student must have gotten the bowling talk afterwards :) I cant really judge anyone's AFF since I used a static line (IAD) progression quite some time in the past, but from where I'm sitting you did great. Very stable looking, on heading, even on deployment. __ My mighty steed
  7. Theres an option missing from this poll, and its the option I would have picked, so I cant play. __ My mighty steed
  8. Absolutely. Love to talk. PM me your email and I'll drop you a line :) Ive heard good things about of House of Tone. No direct experience myself though... __ My mighty steed
  9. Just finished building and finishing this guitar. This guitar is a tribute to my son Chris. Chris died February 17th of this year at the age of 24 from an accidental overdose of fentanyl. The inlays on the back are modeled on tattoo's that Chris had on his chest and shoulder. Both visible in the photo of Chris. Note: the brand name on the headstock (Addict) is my own brand, and not a specific reference to my son or the manner of his passing. It relates to my own ancient history. The model is an original design I call "24 Magnum". For those interested in guitars, here are the specs: Neck-through-body construction 3-piece laminate neck (all mahogany) carbon fiber neck reinforcement 25.5" scale length 24 stainless steel frets 12" fretboard radius Genuine South American mahogany ( Swietenia macrophylla ) body and neck Bookmatched, flamed maple top Ebony headstock overlay Natural “faux” binding Macassar Ebony Fretboard Original Floyd Rose Tremolo White mother-of-pearl phoenix 12th fret and Aries headstock inlays Planet Waves 3×3 locking tuning machines Seymour Duncan pickups – Distortion (TB-6) bridge, and Pearly Gates neck (SH-PG1n) 5-way Oak Grigsby super switch (n, n-split, n/br, br-split, br) CTS pots, orange drop caps "tattoo" inlays (Phoenix and Aries) on back are white mother-of-pearl and abalone shell Nitrocellulose Lacquer __ My mighty steed
  10. Ive been out for 5 years, but I'm coming back. Just put a new main in my rig. I was out for 7 years once previously This applies to as well as skydiving ;) __ My mighty steed
  11. coverage for myself and my son WAS $600 per month. In 2018 it will go up to $700 per month __ My mighty steed
  12. Good job, brother :) With 21 years clean and sober I can tell you with absolute certainty that life can be awesome. No alcohol needed. __ My mighty steed
  13. Wow... that's a beauty! So much detail and precision work there. I'm impressed. My dad would be proud. He collects guitars and is a life-long musician and once played with his hero and reason for moving to Colorado; John Denver. One of two times I have seen my dad cry was when JD nosed the VariEZ into the pacific. He has 2 of JDs old guitars and is playing for the Aspen 20th anniversary this summer. Thanks! Thats very cool about your dad. I dont currently build acoustic guitars, but I plan to add that capability to my shop in the next year. Its really a matter of some tools and jigs that are particular to acoustic guitars that I dont currently have. Good luck to your Dad at gig :) __ My mighty steed
  14. I build custom, hand made guitars as a side thing. Since I dont need to do it to earn my living I have quite a lot of fun doing it. This is my current build I'm in the process of shooting a nitrocellulose finish on it... __ My mighty steed
  15. Found a couple other threads which said pricing a used canopy a base formula would be to subtract 20% from the price of a brand new one, and then an additional $1 per jump. A new ZP Pilot 168 goes for $2285 So That formula puts this around $1800 Does that sound about right? __ My mighty steed