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  1. Took a 14 year break due to life...Kids etc...back about 2 years now and couldn't be happier. Took Level 1 AFF classroom class then jumped with an instructor. Signed off after that 1 jump. It was really more of a check dive. My flying skills came back quickly, canopy work took a bit longer to get comfortable. Take a canopy course or 2 is my suggestion
  2. Good friend, Brad, was killed on a low turn. Brad always asking me to go jump with him when I was having difficult personal times. I never went. After his service I went and did a tandem in memory of him. Once I did that I was hooked. I would have been 27-28
  3. I did this in 1999 and still have the sign hanging in garage. It was maybe 14x24 cut hand holds. Half inch plywood I think I can take pic in the AM Long time ago and was in Elsinore “Christina I love you will you marry me” Kicker is it was like jump 27 for me. Did with an instructor and he exited with the sign, passed it to me and took it back close to break away time.. Video tape is currently missing but in storage somewhere Still married and after a 15 year pause just started jumping last year
  4. I jumped last Saturday. Refresh with an instructor. He was just there. Get stable , turn right turn left. Get unstable with back flip, chill, turn track. It was very good. Time was significantly faster than I remembered. I am confident that the next one will slow down. I was just amped for it. Al in all a success. Lol, jumped a 240. I landed sometime Sunday I think. Can’t wait to go back again this weekend or the following, weather depending
  5. I spoke to them today and signed up. Basically a 6 hour class and 1 jump with 2 instructors. Possibly more depending on how I preform. I am not too worried about that. I am good with this. All seems in line with what I would expect. I can’t say what I remember but at the same time I have a sense it will be a bit like riding a bike. I mostly want to be safe. Totally jacked for 11/4. Thanks for the feedback as well Blue skies Paul
  6. After 15 years of not jumping I have decided to get back into the sport. Looks like I should be ok taking a level 1 Aff. Maybe 1 day class and a jump with instructor? Anyone else ever come back after years? Left with 170 jumps back in like 2003 or so.