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  1. Yup yup. Still around. Getting back in the air after 11 years.........still not a virgin anymore. LMAO
  2. yup i remember alllll of that. I miss the DZ.COM tent at Boogies the most! We really had an awesome group back in the day!
  3. What do you think is the greatest contributor to the above in all disciplines? How much is experience in the air and knowing how to fly your body, and how much is other things like body strength, natural talent, and gear?
  4. Hahahaha It has been a long time! I'm not sure if Paso is back. I just looked at the DZ location map and saw Paso was right there. I might be able to make it up to Tracy and we can jump! Ya thank you for not tossing me in the pool again LOL
  5. How did you manage to get 60 jumps and get no License? But ya if you never got your A you have to probly start from scratch.
  6. Holyshit! its The Rack! lol Ya i'm preparing myself for a shock with all the changes. I'm navy now and getting stationed at Lemoore so home DZ will probly be Taft or Paso with trips to Elsinore when i'm south seeing family
  7. Viking4455

    Is he REALLY that tall

    Yes I really am. LOL
  8. Hah ya makes sense. Sorry about that. I had 185 jumps and a B License when i stopped in Aug of 08. Most of those jumps were during the last 4 years.
  9. So finally moving back to the states after 7 years overseas and 11 years since my last jump. Anyone else come back after this long? I'm assuming its gonna take several coaching jumps and or the last AFF level to get current lol. Anyone from the old school DZ.COM left?