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  1. I was just thinking the same thing! Seeing all these peeps from back in the day brought a smile to my face! Used to be some wild threads in the Bonfire!
  2. This was my first AFF jump, 2002!(Randy on the left) We had a few jumps during my training and he did my AFF solo clearance dive. That was a good one! His enthusiasm for the sport was contagious! Fly free Randy!
  3. Well, hey there! How the hell are ya?
  4. I remember all that! I also remember the DD list! Got some interesting calls in the middle of the night!
  5. CR67- No worries dude! Just know that on here you will find some genuine people to help answer your questions. Most of the peeps that have been here since the beginning (or close to it) will give you some good information. Blue skies!
  6. Ummm...hey there. I was talking about the layout of the site and all the changes also checking to see if any of the old crew was here. Welcome to the sport?
  7. dzdiva


    High: Seeing this thread is still here after all these years. Low: Holly still gone. She was such a beautiful soul.
  8. Well thanks! I rarely ventured into SC back in the day except by accident! Nice to see you! I found some pics of RevJim on my computer and made me think of everyone else.
  9. Haven't logged on for quite some time! Any peeps from back in the day still here? I'm sure Turtlespeed is lurking somewhere!
  10. dzdiva


    High: Love both my jobs. Tunnel flying is great and I enjoy every minute of it. Gives me peace and I've made some awesome friends! Low: I do miss the sky. "It's not just a daydream if you choose to make it your life..."