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  1. Considering the circumstance of already having a gun to his head, what possible difference would it have made? Because he clearly stated that they both had their backs to him during the robbery. The gun wasn't pointed at him then. And his location isn't clear in his profile, but New Jersey carry permits are very difficult to get, almost impossible for the average citizen. (presuming "New Jersey" from his username) Jersey native, but I reside in CA, Bay Area. You can barely get a .22 rifle in Jersey, forget about a CCW there. I tried to get a CCW in San Francisco, but no one gets one there unless youre a judge, famous, or the likes. I live in San Mateo county now, talking to the sheriff today it seems a bit more doable to obtain one. I have to find out if carrying is allowed to areas that dont issue CCW to civilians in CA, like Oakland. Not that Im fearful anymore or less after today, but Ive wanted one for a while now. As far as if I had a CCW this morning, when the two crooks had their backs turned, if I had shot them I would have got in trouble since at that moment they didnt pose a threat to my life, CA law. Even though I own a few firearms, if someone entered my apartment, robbed me, but didnt threaten my life, Im not allowed to shoot them. All I could do is make my firearm visible to deter them or something lame, and call 911. CA gives more rights to criminals sometimes. If I had knifed one of them (please dont think I want to ever hurt anyone, unless its self defense), I could say I was in a struggle with them since I would have to be in close contact with the individual to do so and he had a firearm, or I thought they were going to kill me no matter what. Grey areas.
  2. I wasnt really adrenalined up at all. I always expect the worst, I guess that lets me stay calm in situations and prepared you could say. Even two of the police officers said I seem really calm considering the circumstances. They said most people are really shook up and all. Then one asked if I was on drugs or in the area looking for drugs because of my demeanor. Didnt believe me, but I work only a few miles away, so I have to pass through the hood!
  3. So on the way to work today, 5:30 am, rolling through Oakland stopped at a red light. Two thugs walked up to my car, pointed a gun to my head and said to "Get the fuck out of my car, Ill pop you in the head". I get out because theres traffic crossing the street and I would of got hit or hurt someone else if I floored my car. Plus it would of only taken a second to put a bullet in my head no matter how fast my car was. Asked me where my money is, told them all my shit is in my backpack. One guy told me to empty my pockets (the one without a weapon visible, who knows what he had) and he went to reach for my knife, which I always have clipped to my pocket and always razor sharp. Before he could even grab my knife I punched his arm good (Im trained in different martial arts and knife fighting, I can deliver an organ jostling punch effectively). So when I punched his arm it was a good blow in the inner elbow, he starts shaking his arm around, swearing at me and shit, saying he cant feel his arm. Good, fuck you! I wasnt giving up my knife as it would be the last tool I had to defend myself if they physically attacked me in a close combat situation. Or if they had got my blade and had a fake gun, they could of used it on me. I told them "Take my shit and get the fuck out of here". Next the both of them were looking through my car with their backs turned to me. I had a split decision to make. Thought about necking (cutting the guy with the guns throat from behind), also occurred to me the other guy could have a gun and I wouldnt be able to take both of them. If it was one guy robbing me with his back to me, I would of cut his throat and contained his arms from shooting me while he bleed to death. My girlfriends face kept popping in my head during all of this and I knew I couldnt get myself killed. How fucking sad she would be. Im glad Im able to think quick in a stressful situation and make all the right decisions. Oakland is known for its murderous ways and gang activity, I could of been killed without hesitation. Went home after the police reports and such, gave my girlfriend a nice hug and a kiss (felt damn good to be able to be able to do that again). She helped me cancel all my credit/debit cards, went to Verizon and got a new phone, signed up for Fico credit reports to monitor any new accounts made fraudulently in the future from the thugs. Contacted my renters insurance and getting that squared away. Now its high noon, and Im chillin' with my dog and cats drinking a few of my favorite brews, because Im alive I cant wait to go jump again and forget about how shitty the world below can be sometimes, even if its just for 15 minutes I can forget.
  4. The design I'm thinking about and have tried to explain, is where the camera is hidden in the pillow that the radio is strapped too, and only the lens will be poking out.... I also said I have not made one yet. I think it is easy to build a chest mount pillow camera holder, the pillow are full of foam, we currently use them for the radio and it would keep the thing hidden from view inside the pillow. As I said I would like to build one and test it on my tandem students first to see how many of them notice it. I think if it's done right not that big of a deal. The biggest concern is geeking the damn thing for a solo student. My apologies, I didn't see the post where you stated the radio is along with the camera on the chest mount. Hence my questions on how you would pull it off. Wasn't calling you a liar, yet, since you haven't deceived anyone yet by not disclosing there's a camera along with the radio. With the art of deception though there is a lie (not fully disclosing all the gear you strap to someone or hiding something from someone is a lie). I don't know about other students, but I would of figured out there was a camera in there. My first jump I asked about everything that was attached to me, just being curious in nature and always wanting to know how things work. Good luck with your project. Be safe.
  5. You're going to lie to your students? If my instructor lied to me about anything I'd never jump with him/her again or look for another dropzone to learn at. What are you going to tell your students the camera is when you strap the radio to them? Or, if you're not using radio for your students on their fjc and they get in a bad spot and get hurt, they ask "how come you didn't use the radio to help me?" You'll tell them you lied it was a camera not a radio? Edit: spelling
  6. Check out the next one on his video list... Looks to me like an AFF dive with a freaking costume on. WTF? At least his red cutaway matches his red suit.
  7. Nice craftsmanship man! How many hours into the reaper in your original post?
  8. I saw a similar thing on youtube over the weekend only it was jumping camera on his "6th solo". Thought the same thing. I guess some DZ's don't mind, or don't check? Here's the link - says total jumps "16 so far". Guy/gal can't even keep their heading upon deploying.
  10. Correct, CCR is what has been taught the past few years, chest compressions. CPR is still the preferred method for drowning, electrical shock ir choking victims. Both have a specific purpose now.