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  1. JerseyShawn

    Skydiving Fatalities

    It makes them aware of how serious to take of the sport. Why sugar coat it?
  2. I look foward to seeing the movie. "Flying in the Mist", awesome title! Sorry to read about your injury. Im glad you posted it for others to learn from (and for you to learn from too). An inspiration you are! Heal up and get up there! Blue skies are a waiting!
  3. JerseyShawn

    canopy reviews?

    Just buy your rig and used main. Demo a few different canopies and decide what comfortable for your flying style. Compare them to your current main. Sell your first main if you decide on something else. That's what Im doing, still waiting for Vector to make my rig though The 22 week wait. Edit:Spelling
  4. JerseyShawn

    Nailed my first aff jump!

  5. JerseyShawn

    Skydiving Vocab

    "Pull" is a good one. Maybe I missed it. Edit: "Deployment", not my good.
  6. JerseyShawn

    Starting Over

    I jump because I fear it and probably will to some extent forever. I overcome the fear when im on the ground. I embrace the fear and love the whole jump. $22 bucks to feel like a million. Get up and try again. Welcome to the forums! Edit: AFF was easy and fun, go for it.
  7. At least my social security money was spent on something fun. Hope Fred had fun, with my money
  8. JerseyShawn

    AFF summer

    Smile, breathe, arch, listen to your instructors, have fun! For me being nervous only lasted the first few jumps, then it got really fun Good luck!
  9. JerseyShawn

    San Francisco in May

    Be more than glad to give you a ride! PM me when you get in. Oh, bring some local little town German beer with you!, if possible. Cheers, Shawn.
  10. I jump at Skydance in Davis, CA, my home DZ. I've jumped in Byron, CA also. Both have a great atmosphere! Good people at both places. They both also enjoy a beverage at the end of the day. Both are about an hour and a half away from SF. Welcome to the states and San Francisco! Have fun!
  11. JerseyShawn

    Remounting Viso II

    Small twist ties. Drill a secondary hole next to the existing holes on the wrist strap. I didn't like the wax string, didn't seem too secure.
  12. JerseyShawn

    Jump totals for log book

    If you jumped out of a plane, its a jump. I counted my tandem that I did 10 years ago. Im up to a whopping 8 jumps now.
  13. Nice jump dude! I hope you and your research encourage others to try flying! Have fun, blue ones brother!